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[International] themes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sntaylor, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. sntaylor

    sntaylor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just thought I'd confirm that there are themes that will flash over the top of the pre rooted Roms that ironass wrote a guide on.....

    This is no dummies guide(except it's written by a dummy/while sucking a dummy :-s) just a quick list of what I've done and a link...possibly updated later with a few other links...

    Firstly I'm on djembys(sp?) Mf5 based stock Rom, I then flashed the deodexed file available on the xda page(I'm not sure if it would have been required or not, but I figured it's better to be safe than sorry!

    After this,I downloaded vertumus's theme from here


    and flashed through cwm....however I personally like to have a battery icon with the percentage within, so I downloaded a battery icon from the list of 600(I'll get a link later) and flashed it separately....I do however have Rom toolbox pro, so actually backed up the battery icon first, then flashed the zip for my new icon :)

    Prior to all this,I did of course do a nandroid
    :) I'll give a few more links tomorrow and possibly even a screenshot.

    As you can see, I've not quite got the hang of being able to upload pictures properly as I always have issues with sizing...any way, here are a couple that have been cropped almost to extinction.Lol I will also add the link to the battery mod as you can see I went for blue Android, but there are 600 to choose from! Also the theme changes the settings menus to be all black with white writing, similar to that on a nexus device/ cyanogenmod Rom! Personally I'm not bothered about the settings menu, but I do like the blue icons :)

    Here is the link for battery mods http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2280597&highlight=battery+modifications

    I had better mention that other themes do also work, important thing is to ensure that it is compatible with the firmware your running,I had also tried a black chrome theme which didn't quite work the way I had planned,With vertimus's theme the dialer etc are also themed :)

    Let us know what theme you go for and any combos :)

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  2. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Nice one sntaylor! :thumbup:

    Good to see a few more mods coming out for the S4 now that it's been out for a couple of months.
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  3. sntaylor

    sntaylor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There all edited up.....let's see what you all do :)
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  4. sntaylor

    sntaylor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Quick update on the battery icon side...I have had a slight issue in that the percentage isn't going down :-(shall try restoring a nandroid and have a play about, possibly even with other icons too :)
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  5. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Android Expert

    Keep us updated old boy
  6. sntaylor

    sntaylor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well I'm still at work....but it has finally come down,I put the percentage back on in the display section do I've got a comparison and currently the icon is saying 57, while percentage is at 55% so it's not too bad a difference now.it might still be trying to recalibrate after the flashing I did yesterday....Will see what it's like when I get home tonight!

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