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[International] Updating WanamLite from MR2 (v5.8)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by andy9l, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. andy9l

    andy9l Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    Looking to update my WanamLite ROM from a fairly old version (5.8). Thing is, this particular version used the MR2 base, which seemed to cause problems for people updating to 5.9.

    Do I need to do a full wipe to update to the latest WanamLite (6.8) - base ME2?

    If so, how do I go about restoring my apps - really not up for manually handling carrying out that process!

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I'd post on XDA but I don't have the required number of posts to do so, nor the incentive to spam for post count.


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  2. Yatezy

    Yatezy Android Enthusiast

    Surely a full wipe (data, cache and dalvik) would be ok? Best to be save than sorry :thumb:

    Restoring apps is easy, get titanium backup pro and back up all USER apps. Once youve flashed the new ROM, download titanium from the play store (and probably the pro user key) and just restore all user apps. The back up and restore are done in a batch procedure (as long as you go to the batch section :p) so you dont have to do anything!

    It will keep your data and launcher settings although widgets will need to be put back in their place :)
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  3. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Pretty sure Wanan said at the time that full wipe was necessary when going from MR2 to new base. This was a while ago so think you'd definitely have to do full wipe to jump to latest version.

    No hardship doing batch restore in TB for your apps though - but you need pro key for that. You can do each one manually with free version if you have the time and can be bothered, paying price of a beer or two to avoid that alone was worth it for me :)
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  4. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Yeah its defo worth buying pro :thumbup:
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  5. andy9l

    andy9l Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah I'm in no way disputing the fact that it's always best to do a full wipe - I'm just being lazy...and coming from iOS only a year ago, I'm a fan of the easy life!

    Thanks for the info about TB Pro. I've got the free one that I've used to get around the default keyboard bug several times - more than happy to get Pro to make future ROM updates faster! I'll remember to just backup/restore user apps.

    I think you're right saltire. I seem to remember him saying MR2 required a full wipe for any future updates - it's the reason I'm so far behind now!

    I don't mind buying a key, looks like it'll be worth it in the long(ish) run (probably moving to the iPhone 5S *hides!*). Think there's a sticky guide here on how to keep other settings / messages etc.. It's a shame it takes a good couple of hours to update a ROM...and it's tedious work!

    Looks like it!
  6. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Most rom updates dont really need a wipe but when the dev specificly says it does, theyre probably right. Like you though, im lazy and always try it without the wipe lol. If it doesnt work, you havent lost anything so its cool :)
  7. Yatezy

    Yatezy Android Enthusiast

    I've found I can back up my mobile data, sms and call logs with TiBu without it causing any problems aswell :)

    It used to take me ages to set it up but I can flash and have things set up within 20 minutes, the longest part is resetting all my widgets.

    You can also make a flashable zip in TiBu which takes longer to backup but is far far faster to restore. Did it last time and it was spot on!
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  8. andy9l

    andy9l Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ooh nice, is that a flashable zip of just user apps/data?
  9. Yatezy

    Yatezy Android Enthusiast

    I think it's the same as a batch backup, you can either backup everything, system or just apps but it obviously turns it into a zip file :thumb:
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