Root [International] Us Cellular Wifi Hotspot Aggravation


I recently purchased a US Cellular Moto G for use on its prepaid plan, not knowing that they seem to have locked the wifi hotspot unless one chooses to pay extra for data I have already paid for. (Please, no debate on the legality of such; I know I have been a lurker here, and thus have no standing (yet!) but I have read numerous topics debating just this and realize that many people have differing opinions on this topic.) Seeing as the main reason I have a phone to begin with is to use a wifi hotspot for my Internet (I live in a very rural area, and sadly, cell-net is more reliable than satellite!) I'd like to be guided on just how to accomplish this on this phone. I have tried both EasyTether and FoxFi/PDANet with no success. Ir appears from my reading that rooting is my only option, to get rid of that process that's responsible for the carrier block, or to install a custom hotspot that will bypass it completely. Now, I have never rooted a phone before. I took a look at xda and my eyes went all @@, because I think I only understood half of it. Is there an idiot-proof guide anywhere that will be able to help me? I know if I screw it up I risk bricking the phone, and that it'll void the warranty and possibly make God kill kittens, but I am asking for a little help here from those who I have seen know what they're talking about. Thanks in advance ^^