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Support Internet access won't work properly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KyleMoher, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. KyleMoher

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    Jan 27, 2011

    Jan 27, 2011
    Hey, I'm needing some help with getting my mobiles internet working. I'm including some background on it, I'll asterisk above and below it in case you don't really care for the history.

    Alright, so here's the scoop:

    I have an unlocked Telus phone running on a Rogers SIM. When I attempted to connect to Rogers net, it wouldn't connect (Wifi worked perfectly, connecting to Rogers network, not so much). So I talked to Rogers (Who assured me it would work on my phone prior to this) who said it probably wasn't working because it was a Telus phone. They said take the phone to Telus and have them work on it. Well, I brought it there any they won't work on it because it's on the Rogers network. So I call Rogers back and after about 3 hours, the guy figures out it's because I don't have any APN's set up. He guided me though setting one up, however it still would not connect (I was brought to the Rogers page saying purchase a data plan, even though I had one). I eventually got fed up with how useless they were and said bye. I resorted to Google. After browsing google for all of 30 seconds, I found a link setting me up with a different Rogers APN. This one contained MUCH less information to fill in, but was supposed to be for Rogers. It differed GREATLY from what the guy on the phone told me. I used it instead and... Presto. Worked. I could connect fully without issue.

    A week has passed, and in that time I decided to root my Hero. With some minor difficulties at first, I finally succeeded. I was a little let down by the fact I think the phone now thought it was European but never-the-less, it worked. I tried finding solutions to make my phone feel like mine again (As having the phone display European crap just made it feel weird. ROM wise, I chose VillianROM 12. Once I got the phone up and running, I changed some stuff. Everything appeared to be working fine until I tried to connect today. Keep in mind, I didn't really pay much attention to it until I attempted to browse the net on my break at work.

    I noticed that when I attempted to access the net (Facebook for Android particularly) it wouldn't update anything/connect. Odd, I thought. So I tried using my browser. Wouldn't connect either. I noticed at the top of the screen the 3G/H/Whatever it normally says with the up and down arrow was missing. I thought about what I've done recently as to my knowledge it worked yesterday, but couldn't come up with anything that I felt would prevent my phone from connecting. So I turned my phone off. I turned it back on, and the 3G/H/Arrows thing was there! I thought "Okay, maybe it was just a temporary problem". I browsed for a few minutes before bam, it disappeared and nothing connected again. I turned my phone off again. This repeated about 5 times with the same result every time. One thing I remembered recently changing was Settings->Location->Use wireless networks (It was previously unchecked, and I checked it, so that I could use Facebook's "Places" feature). I unselected it, and to my knowledge, after restarting the phone again, the network was connected to, and stayed connected to again.

    So my phone won't connect to my network. Prior to this happening I had checked "Use Wireless Networks". After unchecking it and restarting the phone, everything seemed to connect again.

    Can that setting affect my mobile connection because I'm now rooted, or because my phone has European settings? (Keep in mind, I had this box checked prior to rooting and it worked completely fine).

    If it can't, are any of these apps known to screw with my ability to connect to Rogers:

    3G Watchdog
    Battery Booster
    Juice Defender (I checked though its settings and even changed some, to no avail)
    Memory Monitor

    What might be causing my issue?

    Sorry for the long ass post, wanted to make sure I gave enough information on the background of the issue though. Thanks in advance.



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