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Internet Browser Tabs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MacrTheBlackSmith, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. MacrTheBlackSmith

    Thread Starter

    Whenever I use the default internet browser on my phone, it always keep saying the tab has crashed, an even if I force stop the app or clean or the cache it keeps on crashing after seconds of usage.
    Anyone know how to stop this from happening?

  2. cupofcloud

    cupofcloud Member

    I'm not sure how to stop that from happening but I noticed the default browser being buggy, and on certain sites I wouldn't be able access my sd to upload media. I tried using a couple other 'light on resource" browsers and same thing.. it seems like the best browser for this phone is chrome, probably Google's intention... these tweaks seemed to help it run smoothly and render a little snappier http://www.phonearena.com/news/How-...-Android-by-making-it-eat-up-less-RAM_id70070
    there's also a YouTube floating around that has a couple more tweaks.
  3. cupofcloud

    cupofcloud Member

    very interesting, sometime during the past two updates something in the default browser must've fixed itself. it used to be when I clicked the media upload button in the status update sections of sites like ello and twitter, it would be unresponsive--not letting me access my files to upload via Web... the only browser that worked (as I mentioned in my post above was chrome) my other browsers I tried (cm and dolphin and a couple others) same thing... couldn't upload via web...
    well by accident today (as the metropcs SM-G386T1 won't let you 'Turn Off' the default browser) I opened the default browser, and now I'm able to upload my pics to my social media sites like I could only seem to do with chrome... on my two previous phones I actually preferred the stock (metropcs masks it as MetroWEB) so I'm going to us this as the default for a while (I especially like the Reader button, not sure if chrome has this but if it does, i never noticed it)
    If I come across the tab crashing issue, I'll let you know

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