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Internet browsers on small tablet

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mrodgers, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. mrodgers

    mrodgers Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all, been a long time since I've been on here.

    I just bought 3 of the cheap 7 inch Hisense tablets for the kids (1 for myself) and have a question on browsers.

    On my phone, I use Opera. I'm not sure which one it is, I think regular Opera but my wife I think has Opera Mini on her phone. Anyways, one setting that I have on both phones that is quite important is that it will show internet sites in a single column. This takes care of sites that have stuff down both sides or a bunch of links across the header and such so that they are all in a single column and it won't resize to fit and end up a tiny little page with unreadable text. For example, this site has HOME, CARRIERS, PHONES, TABLETS, etc across the top of the page as links and on my phone these would be listed in a column so that I could scroll down through and the entire site would be of readable size, including everything from the text to the clickable icons (think the "new post" icons in the forum next to the posts listed.)

    I have installed Opera, Opera Mini, and Opera Classic and do not have this setting on the 7" tablets. I have tried several browsers now including those three as well as Dolphin, Firefox, the installed Chrome, the default browser that came on the tablets, UC Browser (the one I like best so far I think), BOAT, BOAT for tablet, and Puffin.

    Most of these browsers I can get text large enough to view on the 7" tablet, but it still isn't as nice and as easy to read as on my little 3" phone with Opera and single column view. Some of those browsers though I could increase the text size, it still wasn't big enough to read.

    None of those browsers could I increase or see how to increase the entire internet site so that I could click on links or as I said, the "new posts" buttons in forums (this is mainly for forums as I am subscribed to a LOT of forums.)

    I can certainly pinch zoom in on any website in any browser, but that makes you have to scroll back and forth to view the website. On the phone, that is what the single column solves as it puts everything into a single column and allows you to just scroll straight down through the entire site. This is what I want for the tablet as then the entire site and all the clickable buttons and links will also be the correct size to be able to navigate around.

    I also noticed that only Opera (and variants) and I think UC Browser seem to have the ability to long press on links and open them in a new tab. This is also an important feature in my eyes as that is how I read forums.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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  2. PaulS

    PaulS Android Enthusiast

    I've been using,"Next" browser alongside Opera mini(Vodafone version as it seems to work better than their own).

    If you long press on a hyperlink on a page you can choose to open in a new tab.This may be common to several browsers.

    Don't know if this has the features you want as I've not been around it long but I like it :)

  3. apple2005

    apple2005 Android Enthusiast

    Chrome is the best browser. You have to go to the settings and adjust the font size suitable for you. You can browse the pages as mobile version or desktop version. In all browsers you can adjust the font sizes in the settings.
  4. mrodgers

    mrodgers Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I could swear there was a couple of replies rather than just 1 prior to apple2005's reply above.....

    I am getting along with Chrome a little better. I guess I just can't use it in portrait mode like I do with my phone as I can increase text size but nothing else (such as forum buttons as I described in the OP.)

    It's not too bad when held in landscape configuration. Also tried Next and wasn't too bad either.

    The problem isn't just text size, that can be increased. It's viewing entire webpages as everything that isn't text is still tiny on the 7 inch screen. I really want the single column view option in a tablet browser as I have on my phone.
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    The thing is, the device is detected as a tablet, that's why it shows the desktop counterparts. On a phone, it is detected as a phone by the website and as such it sends you to "mobile version". On a tablet, websites with mobile versions often have a "view mobile version" link at the bottom of the page. This gives you the same look you see on the phone. Case in point for example, GSMArena.com. It's going to show you a different version on phone (single column), then if you open it on a 7inch tablet, it's going to show the full website. You have to press the "mobile version" link at the bottom of the website to get the same look as the phone.
  6. PaulS

    PaulS Android Enthusiast

    This should help,

    Set Your Android Browser to Act Like a Desktop Browser

    Owners of Android-based devices can easily set their mobile browsers to act like desktop browsers when navigating the Internet.

    With a simple setting, they can have web pages being served to them as they would be on desktops, without being fed only mobile flavors of websites as before.

    To enable this, they need to launch Android

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