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Internet Connection and 4G LTE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by donnajay, Feb 23, 2016.

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    I have looked through many posts but I do not see this unless its buried down deep.

    I have a S6 Edge through AT&T.

    I have noticed in the last month that I am connected to the internet and I am still seeing the 4G LTE Icon.

    When I go to the Wi-Fi icon, it says its connected, but I am noticing that the on the bar that says "on" after watching it for a long time goes back and forth with the search circling BUT it still says connected.

    I have tried what I saw on another post, by going to the top right menu and hitting advanced. It says to "uncheck smart search" or something to that effect. I do not even see that as an option.

    This is happening on any internet connection. When I am home I have 2 router connections and optimum one. It does it on all. When I am at work, I can connect to my work wifi (WITHOUT 4GLTE) but we get kicked off every 20 minutes and it auto connects to Optimum ( I have it set up that way with Optimum). This was NEVER an issue before... Now once it rolls to another Internet it starts the 4G LTE problem.

    I am finding the spinning search circle and connection sporadically in places that I have never had a problem connecting to prior. The phone is up to date in software. I have tried to turn on and off.

    Any suggestions would be welcome!
    Thank you,

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