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Internet Explorer for Android??????

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ranger3484, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. ranger3484

    ranger3484 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    A website I frequent at my job keeps giving me "SimpleAccelerator" messages whenever I attempt to access. I've tried the default browser, Opera, Skyfire, Dolphin, and another (can't remember the name). No matter which browser I use results in the same SimpleAccelerator messages. I'm told that this is because this website is only supported by Internet Explorer. Assuming that is indeed what this message means, is there an Internet Explorer browser for android or another browser that can fool this website into thinking it's being accessed by Internet Explorer?

    If it makes any difference my phone is the HTC EVO 4G with Froyo update.


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  2. KAuss

    KAuss Well-Known Member

    Not that I've seen, but there seem to be a lot of company sites that require a lot of Microsoft voodoo these days... There was one about Active X recently and now this...

    Seeing as how Microsoft has WinMo, I highly doubt they want to make a browser for Android...

    Good luck with it though...

    You can alternatively try this method...

  3. ranger3484

    ranger3484 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I know. I am only told that this SimpleAccelerator message has something to do with an IE conflict. Whether or not that's true is unknown. I've googled it and can't find a thing about it. Not sure where to go.
  4. KAuss

    KAuss Well-Known Member

    You might want to read my last post, I edited it with something that might work...
  5. ranger3484

    ranger3484 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Tried it but I don't get any debug settings after the 'about:debug'. I do get some new things "Dump V8 values" but that's about it. The only thing I can do is deselect the "mobile view". Tried that. Still get the SimpleAccelerator messages. For what it's worth I also, yet sporatically, get a error message that says something like "your server is out of sync". When this happens I get booted off the website. Not sure if that has anything to do with this or not. I only get that error (and my SimpleAcclerator error) when trying to access my work's website.
  6. KAuss

    KAuss Well-Known Member

    It is there, I tried myself and now my browser stops showing mobile versions of sites!!!

    You go into settings like you usually do, and at the bottom you should see the option to pick UA string... I set mine to desktop, try looking for it, cause if you did it right


    in your URL, it's just as simple as going into settings and changing that one line... Not sure if it'll work, but for a time even Hulu was tricked... A short short time...
  7. ThatNewAndroidGuy

    ThatNewAndroidGuy Android Enthusiast

    So I tried this method, and STILL having a problem with one site reverting back to its mobile version. Kind of annoying. If you want to try it, go to cracked.com. It'll load the mobile version, then scroll to the bottom and click desktop version or full version. Once you do that it will go to the full version, but if you click anything, like the main article at the top left, goes back to mobile.
  8. KAuss

    KAuss Well-Known Member

    Maybe that site has set ip recognition? Or some other methods of detection? Cause google have always given me mobile search results, and now it's full on full desktop mode...

    I guess it's not 100% since hulu can block us still, but it's surely a lot better than it was before... However, the question at hand is does it load these "internet explorer" only sites for the OP...
  9. henryc

    henryc Lurker

    Dear Kauss... would you be able to tel me exact IE string that I have to introduce in order to get my native browser to be recognized by my bank as IE - as you can see it always asks for IE 5 or higher. I have to do so choosing CUSTOM option as there is no dedicated IE option. Thanks a lot.
  10. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog

    have you tried mozilla firefox? I have never not been able to get to a site with it. Can do everything IE can do and then some.
  11. MLXchange, available only to Realtors -- not the same as public MLS -- is available only through IE, not Firefox.

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