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Internet not working at all......

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Insanity72, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Insanity72

    Insanity72 Lurker
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    First off, I'm using a Samsung galaxy S1

    Alright so my problem is, despite having an active internet connection (tried both WiFi and mobile network) I cannot connect to anything, whether that be the internet browser, marketplace or any apps that require an internet connection. It will just show up saying "No connection", "Webpage not available" etc. etc. Another strange thing is that when i open the browser it seems like it's loading google up just fine, with a small bit already loaded, but then it just cuts to the "Webpage not available".

    This problem has only recently started after getting it updated through Kies, it started out as just occasionally not opening, but a quick close then re-open would fix it, then it would require a reset to start working. Now nothing at all will work. I've tried clearing everything under the internet settings. I've tried clearing the memory VIA Task manager.

    Does anybody have any possible solutions besides factory reset? I already had to do that a few weeks ago.....

    PS: also forgot to say that every other device that can use wifi is connecting just fine.

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