Help Internet or apps crash to homescreen droid x

Every now and again I will be on the Internet or some random app and all of a sudden the phone goes back to the homescreen. Does anyone else have this issue is this a major problem how can I fix this or would you return the phone.


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Could you be more specific as far as what apps it happens with are concerned? I know you stated that it's random, but there must be something common between them, right? Maybe it's just something that you do when using the device in an app?

Try to catch it on video if you can. I know that sounds... odd or over the top, but your issue sounds kind of unique IMO. :\ It might help if we can actually see the problem happen in action.

Have you tried doing a factory reset? Try it if you want to. After doing so, reinstall every application that you currently have installed, but only one by one. Install one or two apps, then try to re-create your issue. If it doesn't happen, install another two, and so on. The moment you start to re-encounter an error, log the last couple applications that you installed. It may be one of the apps that you currently have installed that are causing the problem.

Lastly, I would at the very least call up a Verizon rep. or preferably go into a local store and talk to one there. They may be able to help you with your problem. Who knows, maybe something's happening that you don't even notice and it's actually a really quick fix. If you really find it necessary, I suppose you can always send the phone in for a new one.

Post back with your results. :)


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What kinds of websites do you visit? Are there any in particular that it seems to happen with more often than others?

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