Apr 8, 2012
Hiya i got a contract from tesco 3 weeks today with 02 and since ive had it the internet has been really slow on it sometimes it doesnt even load, can anyone help me with this please? thank you
Firstly,are u on gingerbread? If yes then i think u would be better off getting a new browser. i had the same problem with the stock browser.i currently use the opera mini as it is really fast.
hi i have the new update ice cream sandwich and i use google beta browser, the icon i see is G with an arrow down and up but they aint lit up
The icon shows in the notification bar.

"E" stands for edge.
"3G" Stands for 3G
"H+" stands for HSPDA or 3.5G

Up and down arrow indicates uploads and downloads. Lit up usually means active. Also H+ usually appears when there is download and upload activity and that speed is available.
I mainly only have G as the reception is poor in NI but my GS2 fails to connect in locations that my previous Symbian phone would connect to the internet. For me, my new faster, more powerful phone has taken me backwards & its very frustrating.