Internet to router ?


Hi this is how i want to do it.

Android Phone (wfi)


(wifi) Router (cabled)


PC & XBOX 360

i want to share my internet to a router so can hook up my computer and xbox 360 only reason i want to do this is becouse i got around 300 DVD Movies and abut a 50 BD Movies at my computer atm and i want to stream them to my XBOX 360 only problem is that my xbox requiers Internet Accsess to luanch windows media center. and download temp codecs.

So is there anybody out ther knowing how to do this. and i know a lot of other methods to share internet from android but this wat is the only way i want it no need to post other ways.

Thanks in advance Pjho


Android Expert
It's not clear to me if you want your Android device to provide the Internet connection. If so, you would have to do the following:
1) Put your Android phone into Hotspot mode (WiFi tethering in infrastructure mode) so that it essentiallly becomes your WiFi Internet Gateway.
2) Put your router into repeater mode and repeat your Android device's Internet connection.
3) Connect your Xbox to your router either by WiFi or Ethernet.

I can do this because my phone has Hotspot capability and my router has repeater capability (thanks to the DD-WRT firmware that I loaded onto it). If your router doesn't have repeater capability, you may be able to load DD-WRT (or Tomato) open source firmware onto your router.


Note that your ability to tether is dependent on your contract with your carrier/service provider. Some providers allow you to tether for free, where as you have to pay with others.