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Internet using USB Tethering from Mobile to Mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hiren Poriya, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. Hiren Poriya

    Hiren Poriya Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I want to use Internet using USB Tethering from Mobile to Mobile.


    - Mobile1 with Internet
    - Mobile2 without Internet
    - USB Cable

    - Connect Mobile1 with Mobile2 using USB Cable
    - Turn on Internet and Enable USB Tethering from Mobile1
    - Check Internet in Mobile2 (Not Working)

    So can someone please tell how to add above support in Mobile and how to access Internet in Mobile2 using USB Tethering.


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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Not sure if that's even possible.

    When I've wanted to share internet from one phone to another, I've just setup and turned on WiFi tethering, it always works.
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  3. Hiren Poriya

    Hiren Poriya Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply.

    If I connect Mobile to PC and Enable USB Tethering from Mobile then I am able to access Internet in PC. So can you tell me reason for same ?
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Phone 2 or any phone cannot take data / internet through the USB port.

    The Redmi 6 and many phones have a USB on the Go facility to read or move files on a connected usb drive, or use an older MHL adapter to connect to a TV. Otherwise apart from exchanging files / photos with a pc, the usb port is for charging the battery.

    The SoC / chipset on the motherboard has radio bands and antennae set to receive mobile data; or wifi through a receiver. (someone with better knowledge can explain the hardware!)

    A PC is different.

    * OK - and tethering it's data out o_O
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