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Root intolerable drain regardless of ROM/kernel... radio problem? help!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jpkotor, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 8, 2010
    ok i know this has been posted about 100000 times because i've been trying to read up on it for days and haven't found a way to make my phone not drain incredible amounts of battery even if i'm not doing anything with it. if i am using my phone it seems to drain over 20-30%/hr. just reading and replying to a SINGLE text often takes 2-3% from my battery. i've noticed i'll lose a few points even if its been sitting with the screen off and even if just for a short time.

    this has been the story with fresh, warm twopointtwo, and now i'm on burnt droid 1.2. i've dried netarchy toastmod cfs kernel, cfs, and the stock htc kernel.

    i just use my phone for texts, infrequent calls, and occasional short web searches. no games. 4g is usually off, wifi mostly off, gps off (unless i use it), bt off. no facebook app, i even set down the sync frequencies to once a day for google, once a day for news, and every 6 hrs for weather.

    i think it has something to do with my radio..? i dont know enough about this stuff but i've seen in forums that people with insane battery drain are often recommended to see what happens in airplane mode. a lot of people don't want their phone in airplane mode for hours so they're reluctant to test it...

    well i happened to be on a couple of airplanes yesterday!


    the gap is when i decided to flash burnt droid 1.2 and see how it works for me. the kernel included is netarchy toastmod cfs. people claim to get good battery life from this combination. i also have setcpu with underclocking when screen is off. the flat areas where the battery doesn't drop are my flights. in a 2 hour flight i didn't lose a percent of battery in airplane mode. as soon as i turned off airplane mode it started chugging battery life. then i took a 4 1/2 hr flight, also didn't lose a percent until i turned radio on and saw a huge decline again.

    now before you say anything, i know the radio takes up a lot of battery and it makes sense to see very little loss with it off, but when i have it on im losing over 30% an hour if i'm using the phone and several percent if the screen is off and i'm not using it. now i know the system isn't contributing to this, theres no reason the radio should consume so much... right?

    even now i just read 2 texts, answered them, and had a 4% drop in battery... this is ridiculous...

    also, i have that initial drop of up to 10% i've read about, tried the battery conditioning/voodoo to no avail.

    any help is greatly appreciated!


  2. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    Security Engineer
    charge your phone fully, and when you go to bed, unplug it put phone into airplane mode and look at your battery stats when you wake up
  3. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2009
    The thing that seems to work for me is charging it, taking it off the charger for a few minutes, letting it drop down 1 precentage or 2, and then charging it until 100%/green light, once I see the green light (and I'm talking within no more than a minute) I take it off the charger and my battery stretches out easily 18 hrs with moderate-heavy usage.

    Evo's battery is very weird. Yesturday I have terrific battery life, today my battery sucked up pretty quick, but maybe thats because I spent maybe an hour playing MiniSquadron today straight.

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