Hi, first cell phone cost me $3,500 mid 1980's.... $1 per minute or portion thereof. Packed a "folder" of back up batteries... Bill averaged $1,000 a month.
Been there , done that when it comes to cell phones.
Last phone was an i-Phone 4. Prior was a Blackberry fan for years. Prior to that a Palm guy. Mitsubishi or Motorola before that.
Kinda came full circle from seeking smaller to going back to a larger sized unit
( Samsung Galaxy Note 2 new toy).
Left the i-Phone for a couple of reasons... Size of screen ( I'm getting older)
and started out loving the i-cloud sync thing but ended up losing a lot of info/pics due to the distinct "library" thing... Long story, maybe my fault, but wanted to go back to a phone that simply backed up to my computer.
Yes, I know I coulda done that with the I-Phone.


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