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Introducing New App, Maestro Clock Widget

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by yunnipembokat, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. yunnipembokat

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    I never seen analog clock widget that "satisfy" my taste. So I ended create on my own. I called it The Maestro Clock Widget.

    It has a good and classic look of analog clock. Plus! It has complete yet useful additional information such as digital reading of a clock, date and day display and battery information.

    I prepare 2 versions here. Free version and Full version.

    If you like my widget you can consider to buy me a cup of JAVA coffee. (^.^) Haha just kidding...Just please consider to buy Full Version. It would be at reasonable price. And you'll get more features compared to the free version :) Just find Maestro Clock Widget Full on Android Market and you'll be there.

    On full version you can have colored Maestro Widget! Date and day will be in red color on weekends and the battery will be colored as well. Blue when battery level is full, orange if in intermediate, and red color when battery in low level.

    I have this widget on my Home Screen since development time and seems it does not drain battery at all.

    NB : This is a widget not an application. Installation does not give you application. Instead, go to Home Screen and long press to add a Widget.

    That's all for now. Hope you like and enjoy it.

    Here is the screenshot for the Maestro Clock Widget



    Known issue : Battery Level gone out on orientation change. Must remove widget from home screen and uninstall then install again.
    Force date/time setting to be 12 hour (AM/PM) setting in digital time reading, regardless system date/time setting that user chosen. Removes issue for 24 hour date/time format not showing AM/PM.

    Remove codes that may cause bugs

    Remove Bitmap for Signature, replace it as base image instead. Smaller APK, removes issue with Signature placement in various devices.

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