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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by phillipsfive, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. phillipsfive

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    I have a motorola Droid which I purchased about 2 days after it was released and had read several positive user reviews.

    This is my first smart phone and I am really enjoying it. I especially like the audio search feature. I was on vacation in Utah and used it to find information about restuarants and directions. Super feature.

    I always balked at the $30 per month Verizon data fee but I find that I get at least my $1 per days worth of value out of having this feature.

    My wife just called me and wanted some directions. I just opened up the Maps feature and said " Lead Avenue" within 3 seconds I had the map open with her appoximate location and could help her out. That is surely worth a buck.

    To many things to like about this phone to list. I do have a few issues listed below. If anyone has info on these I would love some points.

    Problems -

    1) PDF attachments in Gmail fail to fetch (excel no problem)
    2) music player plays audio book chapters in apparent random order

    Add ons...

    1) The verizon hard shell case and holster. < works pretty well
    2) screen protector < has a few bubbles under it due to may poor wall papering skills. I have 2 more and will do better on the next installment.

    Apps -

    1) Google sky nap
    2) AK notepad
    3) Astro file manager
    4) Draw!
    5) SportsTap
    6) TuneWiki
    7) Spanish Flashcards
    8) Unit converter

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    Welcome to AF! :D
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    Welcome to the AF forums and enjoy your visits !! :cool:
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