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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by My Camel, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Hi everyone. Just following the front page directions :) and introducing myself.

    i've been a smartphone user since the beginning of time (or so it seems). I'm now using an original Storm on Verizon and am looking at an Android based Smart Phone and/or Tablet.

    here's what i sent to a forum in Amazon. it pretty well describes where i am. i would really appreciate any observations any/all of you may have and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated:

    "i bought and returned a Xoom. i LOVED it but 3 things: 1. email (as mentioned before) is not clean-have to go to google and sync my outlook stuff-didn't do any subdirectories though-but then i have to keep it up. with the blackberry it's a no brainer with their desktop handler. syncs my laptop and phone perfectly. 2. the USB doesn't work with 2 of my desktop computers running XP Media. works perfectly with Win 7 on my laptop. 3. the micro SD doesn't work yet. i wanted to put my apps/music/photos on the SD and couldn't eats up storage that i didn't want to lose.

    my STORM is 3". 4.5" is 50% larger. Surfing is one priority when wife and i think of something and i want to look it up. carrying a tablet is 'okay' but as you say cumbersome.

    wife has a NOOK so i bought and tried it. i love how they modified android to work to their programming. it is perfect if you don't want to do much app work. I tried using a SD root, but it was VERY slow and buggy. took it back too. i don't like doing that-just costs everyone $'s. but i don't want to invest without trying and standing in a store is a real bummer.

    so still sitting searching for the best solution for me.

    BTW my email accounts are POP accounts and i use outlook to accesss and sync with the BB Storm. I do have IMAP for google if i elect to try to figure them out. very convoluted though and at age 67, staying on top of things and multi-tasking is really getting difficult :(.

    Hope this makes sense to you. ask ?'s if you wish!

    nice to mee all of you.

    My Camel (Mike Hammel)

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    Welcome to Android Forums Mike!

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