Hi folks,

Before someone asks "what's a blue cowdawg" I'll answer that already. That term refers to the "blue" variety of the Australian Cattle Dog which is my favorite variety of my favorite breed of dog.

I am a Unix Professional that uses the heck out of my Android phone. Right now it is getting long in the tooth (Android 2.0) and I'll be replacing it very shortly and I'm in the process of planning my next phone.

I keep threatening to start writing apps against the Android OS which is why I bought into the technology in the first place. I guess I'll get to that in my copious amounts of free time (yeah...)

I'll be posting some questions very soon here...


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Welcome :ciao:,we are glad to have you, hope you enjoy the site.


Android Expert
Welcome aboard!

If you are shopping around for a phone, might I recommend the Galaxy Nexus if it's available where you are / carrier? It's quite nice, and I'm sure a unix guy will like how easy it is to root.

Check out the Computer/IT section sometime, we get some unix/linux questions from time to time and I'm sure your input would be awesome.

Welcome to AF bluecowdawg!