hello everyone, name's Jason and I've been an Android fan for many years now; just signed up here to hopefully find out more about what all of my devices can do and learn about new and upcoming functions.
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thank you! I do have a question, which is what brought me here but i am unsure as to where the best place would be to post it. The question that I have is how do I setup a NFC hotspot toggle? I have downloaded several apps but all they do is open the main screen which i then have to select the on/off slide to turn it on/off; i want that action to be automatic by just tapping the NFC tag in my car. maybe I'm not quite setting up the task but there really is nothing I can find in any of the apps or online; i assume that it can be done, i saw a youtube video of someone doing it but the app he used is no longer available.

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Ah, I'm honestly not sure, Jason...I haven't used NFC for quite a while...

However, lemme move your thread over to our Android Questions area and see if anyone in there has any ideas for you (that area seems to get more eyeballs at times :)).

Hang loose :).