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InvoiceMe Pro: Positive Review; Email Error Corrected

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gpdofficer, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. gpdofficer

    gpdofficer Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Previous version had email issues. It would produce an "error, unable to send email", when trying to send invoice. The response at first seemed slow, with no progress to address my issue. I purchases another invoice program, because I needed something immediately in my business. It worked fine, but the interface and usage of invoiceme is much smoother and friendlier. After a few days of reporting my issue, I recieved information that a correction was being made and today the new release was made, which corrected the email problem. With the new current new version, just published today, 08-04-2010 works perfectly on my htc aria android smartphone. I am using InvoiceMe Pro now and am a well satified cutomer at this point.

    Thanks Chris

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  2. jamesrenn

    jamesrenn Lurker


    I downloaded and payed for InvoiceMe Pro, InvoiceMe Bundle, InvoiceMe, Bundle Pro, Bundle-7 Essential and none of the invoices that I generate and email or sms reach the customer. I've done it over and over again with no good results, I even made a fake invoice and tried to send it to me via sms and email and NOTHING......Has anyone had these problems. I have a Sprint HTC Hero with a android 2.1 operating system. Please help me. Thank you, James

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