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does anyone know of a good way to do some IP Routing on the Android platform.

What I'm trying to do...

ip route add (private range)10.X.X.X/16 via (public router not firewalled) X.X.X.X dev ppp0

that is the closest i can get to doing this in the CLI in the terminal emu on my rooted droid.

I can do this with a desktop platform like Ubuntu/Windows. so I know the routing works... just don't know how to get it to work in Android.

what this does is allows me to manage my private network from anywhere.

I have also tried to use a http proxy but I can't figure out how to get android to take a proxy setting for it's browsers... I tried proxybrower and it doesn't seem to work on 2.X or later...

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You know you want to.
Honestly I have no idea, but would the app connect bot from the market help you in any way?

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Unfortunately no... Connection bot where it's a good program that I have used is basically is a terminal client.

this issue is I have a private network behind a public IP...

the phone has to know how to route to this private network.

this can be done really easy in linux with a command like
ip route add via dev ppp0
something like that is differs depending on Distro
Get SSHDroid from market.... its SSH server.

run it on your phone and connect it from pc on the given ip and port via putty etc and run the commands.

i want to know what is the command for route add ? giving it a linux add command gives error.. if u know pls email me