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iPad or Android Tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jackdsparker94, Nov 9, 2011.

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  2. floosy

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    You missunderstand me. I too wanted a tablet to replace a laptop, and I'm on the road typing on it now. But for me a part of the choice was I wanted a different experience on a tablet to my phone. It was a personal choice, as it has to be for everyone....I would have felt as if I had a bigger version of my sg2 if had bought any droid tablet. In the en that was one of my deciding factors. For others the idea that their tablet and phone ar similar and have the same apps may be an advantage.

    I've tried doing google docs on my phone and it isn't pretty :p. Honestly I have nothing against droid tabs and ics may be another game changer, and if I had an older droid phone still (I had a desire till about a month ago) then I would have been more inclined towards a droid tab. Come next spring my wife may inherit this iPad and I get a transformer prime or similar...who knows. For ,e it's whatever works best at he time.
  3. jerofld

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    You really won't get that much of a different experience between the tablets. The high end ones run, virtually, the same hardware. It's just the form factor and other bells and whistles that change. They also all run a pretty similar look of Honeycomb. A coworker had an Eee Pad Transformer and I have an A500, we swapped and I couldn't tell a damn difference outside of the physical feel of it.

    ICS won't change tablets too much. From what I've seen of ICS, it's mostly the same as Honeycomb. It's going to be a big change on phones going from Gingerbread to ICS, though. And if you never used Honeycomb, a tablet will have a different experience than a phone on Gingerbread, regardless of who makes the phone and who makes the tablet. I was disoriented for a good 5 minutes on my tablet when I found out there was no physical menu button.
  4. Chadnoma

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    I am waiting on Ubuntu tablet development. Might make more proper Linux distros to the tablet! Will be proper like.
  5. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    I remember seeing a Ubuntu tablet for sale in Germany when shopping for my tablet. But a quick Google search doesn't come up with it :(. But Ubuntu is coming to tablets. 14.14 is supposed to be a build of Ubuntu meant for phones and tablets.
  6. Bob Maxey

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    My iPad is different because I jailbreak. So I have as much choice as you do.

    Not sure what you mean by, "The nice thing about an Android tablet is that you get to use the same apps and don't have to pay for them again." Care to clarify?
  7. ryaxnb

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    the tablet for me is 99% a media viewer and browser, and since i get my media in AVI/MP4/FLV, the Android tablet was a no-brainer!
    I have an SD card slot for space, and can easily just drop AVI files into it.
    The browser's better too. But if you use your tablets for apps, you might have issues.

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