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Iphone 4 vs Everything Else. Don't get mad!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wayneholbrook, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Blackberry from the start 2001, then original Iphone, Iphone 3G, Iphone 3GS, Iphone 4, Andriod Samsung Vibrant, and now back to Iphone 4. I wint give anyone a hard time on what phone or carrier you use because it truly comes down to user choice. I have been with Verizon, T-mobile and Sprint and now have been with AT&T the past 4 years.

    I can tell you in my experience that you always choose the carrier first then the phone or you will find yourself changing carriers everytime a new device comes out. Thats way to much of headache.

    I went with AT&T because I think they are more business friendly, meaning they have so much more business devices to offer and comes out with great devices first. For example whenever a new Blackberry is coming out, it usually comes out on AT&T first before the other carriers. Verizon and sprint lag so behind in the device department. Verizon finally made a jump with the Motorola X but most times lags.

    I went back to the simple Iphone because just that, its simple. It handles work email (exchange) better then the driod and the Blackberry. I love the way the Iphone syncs with mobile me which sycns with all my computers no matter if it was outlook, apple calendar or contacts. Yes, you pay for mobile me but again its seemless, simple and reliable.

    Itunes to manage music is as simple as it gets. Do I want more control of my iphone? ofcourse I do, I'm so pissed that I can't control what tones I can use on my text messages or each email address. I'm pissed that I can'y control "profiles" like I could on my Blackberry such as turning off all calls and emails except for certain people I choose. When those people call or email then the phone will alert me.

    So yes, their are many things that I would love the iphone to handle better but their are so many things the Iphone handles better than the Driod and the Blackberry.

    I guess the answer to all my issues is to just root or jailbreak my Iphone, then I can get to have my cake and eat it to.

    Then again maybe I will never be satisfied, with every update and every new device that comes out I want to try it to see if it can replace my Iphone 4.

    Oh yea, I almost forgot, my reception as a phone does suck on my iphone 4.:mad:

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  2. hahaha what

    hahaha what Android Enthusiast

  3. atypical1

    atypical1 Newbie

    The iPhone is a great toy. The fact that you say that the reception sucks is the first tip off to me that I wouldn't like it. Mine is a phone first and foremost. The rest of the stuff is really cool but I need to be able to talk. My wife has the prev gen iPhone and it has terrible reception and she can never hear me even though all of my friends can.

    My contacts are all in Google and synch up perfectly on any machine I can access. That means computers at work, at my hotel when I travel, at Kinko's, etc. My calendar synchs up and I can view multiple owners. My wife's iPhone has never done that well.

    I use only MP3's because portability is much more important to me that anything else. I want to be able to play my music on anything I encounter. It's nice to put music on a USB stick and play those songs when I'm in a rental car with a USB port (which is a lot of cars these days). You can't do that with music you download from iTunes. Yes, iTunes is convenient but it's also limiting.

    I don't know what the point of this thread really is though. Aren't there like 100 different threads about this same topic?

  4. darreno1

    darreno1 Android Enthusiast

    You can do all that with Android. The Google over the air sync works just fine, no need to pay for a service like Mobil me. Motorola Media Link, DoubeTwist, Media Player, or just drag-n-drop works for my music. For emails I use Touchdown (IMO nothing comes to close to it except Blackberry of course).

    I agree out of the box, all the features of exchange are better supported on the iPhone but for Android "there are apps for that".

    If you love the iPhone because you think it's simpler and works for you, great. But, it's no longer the only player in town.
  5. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    I totally agree with you, and I am glad its not the only player in town. Keeps everyone on their toes. Don't get me wrong, If the Driod was a little less complicated to sync not only contacts but calendar as well with my mac then it would be cool but I here you can do it but it gets complicated. Exchange is a bigger issue, much better on iphone. With that said like I said earlier, the iphone sucks as a phone and I long for the day driod get a little less complicated and better at syncing, google needs to improve that function because just like everyone has stated, I do hate the control apple has. So for now I will just jailbreak.
  6. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes James, their are many post related to this I am sure on every forums page but there are thousands of oppinions and I learn from all of you as we all learn from each other from all of our oppinions and thoughts. I cant tell you how many apps I have learned about just by expressing our thoughts on pages like this. Just today I learned about the app "Touchdown" that may have solved my syncing issues prior to me leaving my Samsung Vibrant, I guess I jumped the gun. But i will try another Driod phone soon and hopefully
    give it a little more time to prove itself.

    By the way, the iphone you can plug it into just about anything, rent a cars, hotel rooms and play music all day long. Im not a fanboy of just iphone, just stating the facts, I will swap to any phone that I think is better. Thanks for the thoughts anyway.
  7. thaden0

    thaden0 Newbie

    I think you are may be a minority by choosing carrier first and device second.

    The dedicated iPhone fanboi's will only use iPhones. So, they goto AT&T.

    Android attracts geeks/techies, who care about the software and hardware and what they can do with their devices. The may be swayed a bit by the carrier, but the device itself is the important choice.

    The enterprise user needs a blackberry to connect to the company BES server. Lucky for them blackberries for the most part are really all the same, theres low/medium and high end devices on all carriers. So, carrier doesnt matter much. FYI, the 12th is when the new one comes out on AT&T, and verizon a couple months later.

    The people who choose carriers first and device second are the people who are budget shopping. Yes, theres quite a few, but there likly to go android or blackberry over iPhone anyways.
  8. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    I think it is important to pick the carrier first. I would pick the carrier that provides the most coverage because if I get stuck in the middle of nowhere or on vacation, that's when I need a smartphone the most.
  9. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Devices comes out constantly on each carrier, every time you turn around there is another device that's better than yours but now on another carrier. What are you going to do; change carriers every time a better device comes out? No, of course not! You choose a carrier then get a device then wait for the next best device on your carrier. Not about budgeting it's about the hassle of porting your number over to carrier after carrier.
  10. thaden0

    thaden0 Newbie

    I think more likly you may pick a device then run with that carrier. If you want an iphone, you gonna goto AT&T. period. You will not find iFanatics not willing to goto AT&T.

    Now, if your an android, your have more choice.. but ur not gonna settle for a myTouch just because you want T-Mobile. Your gonna set your standards and then pick a carrier that can meet the standards. Luckily T-Mobile has more then the MyTouch.. so there not gonna lose customers..

    When you originally picked your carrier, (unless your verizon) you prolly picked a device. Now, if your carrier didnt support your area, that carrier isnt really a reasonable choice at all.
  11. Droid_Genius

    Droid_Genius Android Enthusiast

    Cant believe you said iPhone handles email BETTER than Blackberry....really I used Blackberry since 2003 and just went to Evo because Berry is just too far behind, but sorry I cant roll with thinking iPhone handles email better than Berry....
  12. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I should have explained more. I too have been a long user of Blackberry. But unless your on a enterprise (which i am not) and you are working with exchange, then yes, the Iphone blows the BB away. For example, when you are sending someone an email on the network (exchange) you can start typing his or her name and it will find them in the network, no matter that they are not in your contact list. Downloading and viewing emails and attachments on exchange is way better on the Iphone. Recieving emails on exchange is approx 5-10 mins faster than the BB, and thats been tested over and over again.

    So all in all, what I meant to say is when it comes down to exchange email the Iphone is much better. Not a slam on BB and still love it and still thinking of trying the 9800. I just wish they would stop allowing Charlie Brown to write their OS and get back into the present and future.
  13. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    The iPhone is a good phone which surpasses all phones in the web browsing department & ease of use. I think that's about it. Smae phone with minor Tweeks:

    first gen: edge
    iPhone 3G: same OS with 3G
    iPhone 3GS: same OS slightly faster with a rotating GPS & video recording
    iPhone 4: new OS that's still boring, same small screen but better dispay and faster processor. Better camera and HD recording

    you guys see a trend. 4 years In the making and the phone is pretty much the same phone. That's why I left cause it's just plain boring!!!

    I'm enjoying my Captivate and hope it becomes a great success.
  14. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Actually a damn good post!

    You are correct on everything you said, I would make the swap as well but when I tried the Vibrant the other day I struggled way to much in trying to get it to sync with google and my mac (contacts and ical) some say it can be done with 3rd party apps but i tried one but it was hurrible. If you or anyone know if this can be done in a simple way please tell me and I would love to try the andriod again.

    If I had a PC then it would be a no brainer, but just bought a new Imac and 2 macbook pros for the wife and I. Now im in the poor house!
  15. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    I knew that sycning contact wouldn't be that easy. But u know what.........the fact that there has been small changes while all other smart phones are doing something BIGGER made me bailout. I just got my 3G and manually put all 45 contact and info on my own. Well worth leaving and crossing over to an andriod based phone. I hear u can sync the captivate with outlooks and if the vibrant is the same phone it should sync as well. As for MacBooks. Don't know anything about them.

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