iPhone Compatible Earphones


Has anyone tried they galaxy with "iPhone compatible" earphones?

I've tried the Klipsch s4i and they did not really work with my phone. The sound would be 'hollow' unless you held the middle button (call answering button) on the earphones. Is this an OS limitation?

I just bought UE triple.fi 10vi, and I'm wondering if they would work.. they are kind of costly.. so.. I'm just hoping that the s4i was an odd-off case.


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My UE's work great, very happy with the SQ. However, be aware that Samsung use a non standard 3.5 jack so not everything will work well :p


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hmm, too late, i opened my triple.fi 10vi's (~400$ earphones) and they didn't work with my galaxy..
damn samsung lol.., well they work if you use this extension, but the buttons wouldn't work anyway.

luckily I found a buyer who was willing to pay a bit more than what I paid for them, even though I opened the box.

also, you can really tell with those crazy earphones that the music chip/driver/whatever in the galaxy is not that good. even my laptop sounds slightly better.

well, i'm back to using the earphones that came with the phone and I'm pretty satisfied though. they're definately very good. they're a tiny bit worse than my old cx500's that broke, but having the button is awesome, so i'm not really thinking of purchasing another pair of earphones.

[Sidenote: the triple.fi 10vi's sound pretty damn good with good music (like my high quality classical music 320kbps+), and american songs sound good too, but with other music it just sounds really muddy. also, they're not very comfortable even with the comply's.. oh well.. good riddance? :p]