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Hello, I just got my Galaxy S3, and I love everything about it!
But, there's a few things I really miss,
I miss the simplicity of the iPhones:
-Music Player
-Photo Viewer

That's the only things I honestly can say I miss!
But lucky for me, I was able to download Go Pro SMS, BUT I still need help finding that perfect Music and Photo viewing app!

If anyone knows of an app for Music, That's simple and replicates the simple functions of the iOS music player, and if someone knows a Gallery app that mimics the same, simple visual layout as the iPhones stock photo app, then please share that with me!

I just need:
-iPhone-like Photo viewer
-iPhone-like Music player

Thank ya!


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What do you mean with "iphone like"? Limited and few options?
For pictures, try QuickPic. For music, why not use the stock player?


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Try the Google Play Music Player. I had an iPhone and it's just as simple to use (swipe across for alphabetical organization of Album, Artist, Playlist etc). Or give Winamp a try.


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Greeting darkcobra,

Welcome to the forums.

I use quickpic for my photo viewing needs. I will admit that I don't do social media things, so I don't know about uploading photos and such.

For my musical enjoyment, I've used Poweramp for the longest time It is a paid app, but I've never had one moment where I have regretted paying for it. Poweramp has a free 2 week trial.





Here is a link to the Google playstore, you may have a easier time surfing it on your computer vs phone.


Hope this helps.


Hi darkcobra94...

It's nice to have you onboard. I hope you'll find the resources on here to be helpful.

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OP, could you post some pictures of what these apps look like? Never having owned an iPhone myself, I'm at a disadvantage in helping you


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PowerAmp and Jet Audio are the two best media players I have found. I prefer PowerAmp, but it doesn't seem to scan all of my music anymore. I'm not sure why.

Also, don't confuse "options" with "confusing." I know coming from iOS, the amount of options that you have with Android can be a little bit overwhelming, but really, Android is no more complicated than you make it. You can spend hours setting up homescreens and customizing system fonts and the like (which are not options that you have with iOS, at least not nearly to the same degree as with Android) but you don't have to. Android is more of a legitimate operating system compared to iOS, which is really little more than a glorified app launcher.