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iPhone to Android

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hammers81uk, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. hammers81uk

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    Brand new to any android device, I have around 15,000 photos and videos plus some music, I need to transfer them all somehow from the iCloud to my new phone, I don’t have access to a PC at all so only have the iPhone and the new android one, any ideas? Need to do this myself at home ideally.

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    But why?
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  4. hammers81uk

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    Because I have over 10k pics and videos that I don’t want to lose
  5. hammers81uk

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    Iv been able to sort the photos out but need to find a way to transfer my music from iTunes to the android phone when I have no access to a pc or Mac at all, any ideas anyone?
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    You could try the Apple Music app for Android to give you access to your iTunes library. The problem there is that even though you get 3 months free, after that it's a subscription and if you delete the app, it deletes the downloaded music as well. Apple is a ..... :(

    Your best bet would be to borrow a laptop for a weekend, login to iTunes and download all your purchased music, then copy it somewhere safe or dump it to Google Drive.
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  7. The switch from iOS to Android is pretty simple if you have access to a PC or laptop. Since you don't have them, there are other ways to do the same. But, it would be time-consuming and hectic.

    For transferring your images and videos:

    You can download the media files from your iCloud to your iOS device either in batches or all at once, depending on the memory space.

    Once downloaded, upload all the images to Google Photos App.

    Install Google Photos App on your Android device and sign in with the same email id.

    You will have all your images and videos in your Android device.

    For transferring the music files:

    Download the files to your iOS device and upload them on the Google Drive App.

    Once done, you can get access to your drive through the Android device.

    However, you can refer to this guide: How To Switch From iOS to Android?

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