Sep 6, 2011
The video quality of iPlayer from my Sony BDP-S570 blu-ray player was excellent - you can chose between SD and HD, and HD was very good. Unfortunately the BBC have stopped supporting the Sony.

So I got a Chromecast, and the video quality certainly isn't bad. But it isn't as good as the Sony. Detail is ok'ish, but I don't think it as good as the Sony. Colours and contrast all seem a bit wrong / washed out. The overall impression seems markedly worse. The good news is the stream is reliable, although fast forward/rewind takes a long time.

It may be worth noting that if I cast 2.5MB .JPG files, the quality is not as good as the same file on a USB stick in the Sony. I have tried Castaway, LocalCast, BubbleUPnP. Some are better than others.

I am using a 1080p projector, have fast fibre optic broadband, and the WiFi is good.

Any ideas? Is a Roku streaming stick likely to be better?