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Is a HALF-STITCH of Gear360 video possible?

Discussion in 'Samsung Gear 360' started by NYCPaull, May 2, 2020.

  1. NYCPaull

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    If you watch a Gear360 video before the two fish-eye circle frames are stitched, you realize that it is easier and more enjoyable to watch the front and back views simultaneously rather than rotating the 360 sphere view that results from stitching. I would like to stitch ONLY the left edge of the one circle to the right edge of the right circle creating a flat video showing both front and rear views in the same frame.

    I like to put my Gear360 on a selfie stick and walk through a scene. Merging the front and rear camera views of the Gear360 makes for a great way to give the viewer much more information than requiring him/her to rotate the scene in a 360 viewer.

    So, is there a way to only stitch half of a two-camera 360 view so I remains a normal video file that does not require a 360 viewer?

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