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Is Acer Iconia front cam in the right place??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Boom3k, May 20, 2011.

  1. Boom3k

    Boom3k Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Recently i bought the Acer Iconia from Best Buy to give it a test run vs the iPad2 in order to determine which one was for me. The overall OS potential in the Iconia sold me instanly. Yes the iPad2 is cool. But i have a thought that the iPad3 will be coming VERYsoon. Anywho, i was kind of drawn to return the Iconia to get a Transformer. One key thing that made me want the Asus was that the Iconias camera was in a weird position to the top left when held horizontally. But I stood by my purchase and decided to keep the Iconia. I had a debate with the Asus fanboys in my area stating not so strong facts like "The Iconia has terrible battery life" or the fact that "the camera is in the wrong place" because "it should be at the top center when held horizontally". I don't know what device made putting the camera in on the top center when held horizontal was right but it is completely wrong. Wait i know!! It was the overpriced Xoom! I'll admit, I thought the Iconia had a major design flaw by placing the camera in the spot they chose when I compared it to the Xoom. Now almost every manufacturer seems to be basing their design around the Xoom, but Motorola wasn't fully thinking about the programs that actually inquire the front camera and made a HUGEmistake. I noticed this when i made a Tango call and the screen automatically switched to portrait mode. There are also professional reviews stating "the camera is in a akward position" when comparing it to the Xoom or transformer. But if you notice the Iconias camera is almost in the same spot as the iPad2. Yet as much as i hate to say this, but Apple is pretty good when it comes to designing things and getting it right the first time. Smart move Acer!

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  2. PeteDee

    PeteDee Well-Known Member

    I had a quick look at mine an it seemed to work just fine in both orientations, to be honest though it is probably the last time I will ever use it.


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