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Is Android The Answer to Combining Devices?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by thatsbadass.com, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. thatsbadass.com

    Thread Starter
    Sep 8, 2009

    I have been doing a lot of research to try to consolidate my three devices into one and it looks like Android, the MyTouch 3G specifically, will do the trick for the most part. Or the iPhone but I want to stay with T-Mobile. I want to make sure I have my facts straight first, and get a little advice. I love the iPod Touch and spend the majority of the time on that reading, playing with new apps, etc.

    First, the three devices that I want to combine are:
    1. iPod Touch 16GB - I use this for messing around with apps, as a remote control for the TV Windows Media Center, games, surfing the web and thanks to the jailbreak, sniffing network traffic, and download/streaming tv shows and movies. I don’t really us iTunes but do like the ease of use of the native audio and video players. Traveling I will sometimes output to the TV.
    2. Zune v1 30GB - Used for my 5,000+ songs and podcasts. Because of the capacity and I prefer the Zune Marketplace software. Traveling I will sometimes output to the TV.
    3. T-Mobile Shadow v1 - I like the nearly flawless active sync, Office App support, Office Communicator, Exchange support for my contacts, calendar, tethering, and email and thanks to a 6.1 hack I like the UI again.

    So now to explain what I have read about the HTC Magic/G2/MyTouch 3G:

    1. Compared to the iPod Touch 16GB -
    Android Wins - Looks like the MyTouch will support most of the basic apps like stock quotes, weather, Facebook, GPS, Security, maps, etc. It will allow for expanding capacity beyond the 16GB iPod. Rooted opens up to additional functionality, skins, and apps. I read that there is an add-on for iTunes that will allow you to sync your podcasts, music, and video with the micro SD card on your device. If someone could point me to the most reliable one that would be great since the ones I found are from 2006.
    Android Losses - Missing network sniffers, the ability to download or stream TV shows or movies and the browser zoom features don’t seem as refined as those on the iPod. The MyTouch also doesn’t have a standard headphone jack. Android devices also typically don’t have very good screen resolution.
    Pending Research - I haven't had a chance to compare the media players.
    2. Compared to the Zune v1 30GB -
    Android Wins - Apps, games, touch screen, browser, and physical form factor.
    Android Losses - No headphone jack, lower quality picture, no TV out for traveling, no syncing, and 30GB of micro SD is expensive.
    Pending Research - I haven't had a chance to compare the media players and ease of use.
    3. Compared to the T-Mobile Shadow v1 -
    Android Wins - Price compared to other new WinMo phones, app store, and overall cost of ownership with lots of free apps and opensource development. Although I havent had a chance to play with the media player on the MyTouch I assume it is a better experience than that of the Windows Mobile Media Player. It also looks like tethering is possible with the MyTouch, although it might need to be rooted. Root and install Hero sounds like Active Sync and Exchange support are available for Contact, Calendar, and Email. Customizable UI with touch screen for ease of use. Apparently the home button closes the open app and there is a task manager app to kill it just in case.
    Android Losses - Lack of Microsoft Office application support, no Microsoft Office Communicator (I think I can substitute Live Messenger for this though), and, don’t kill me for saying this, it isnt Microsoft Windows Mobile. I do like how integrated my Windows Mobile phone is with Windows 7 and my overall Microsoft experience.
    Pending Research - Call sound quality, confirmation of exchange support, Live Messenger replacing Office Communicator, and Windows 7 integration.

    So I did my research and I am requesting help with three things:

    1. Am I off base on anything such as the iTunes syncing, tethering, Exchange support, or video downloads/streams?
    2. I am pretty much sold on getting a 16GB micro SD and I hear I want a Class 6. Recommendations on whether or not the Class makes that much of a difference and where to get one?
    3. If I get an Android device will I spend hours playing around with new gadgets, rooted goodies, downloads, tweaks, and reading news like I do on my iPod Touch?


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