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Is anyone else STILL waiting for their Evo from Sprint???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by morning_thunder, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    You are kidding, right? We are talking about the same Apple that had their pre-order system crash, then start canceling random orders that DID go through? The same company that wont accept cash for anything in store, and they might throw the store into lock down if you ask the wrong question.

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  2. ArrowSmith

    ArrowSmith Member

    I grant you those issues, but why would anyone pay cash in the store? Who doesn't have a credit card AND can afford to pay for these expensive devices?:thinking:
  3. shink188

    shink188 Newbie

    how about a person who doesnt like having debt, and pay a xtra interest fee on top of what your paying. im sorry but i believe in always paying cash for everything, and if you cant pay for it all then and theere then and you have to wait will it kill you?
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Apple stores only treat you like a king when you walk in to spend money. When you need service you are a turd. I bought 3 iMacs and a Macbook Pro, 4 iPhones, and 4 iPods this last year. Each time I walked in, made my purchase and was out the door in 15 minutes. I also bought a Time Capsule about 6 months ago. It died a while back (still under warranty) so I walked into the store with it. They would not speak to me with out an appointment. Next available appointment was in 3 days. I make my appointment and go in before the prescribed time of 11:30 AM. At 1:15 PM did they finally get to me just to say I would have to send it in. They would not give me a replacement off the shelf saying they didn't have any in stock. I point to the stack of them on the shelf and ask whats wrong with those. They said they couldn't give me a new one. I had to get a refurbished one. They said it would be in store in 2 days. I ask for a manager but they never show up after being paged.

    Two weeks later I call the as I did every day for a week. I get put on hold for over an hour. Someone then picks up the phone and then hangs it up. I call back and get in the car and go to the store. Still on hold. Walk in and ask for the store manager. They page them and they never show up after a half hour wait. Finally the door guy goes in the back and finds my router which had been there for over a week according to the paperwork. Evidently when I would call to see if it was in they wouldn't even go check and just tell me it wasn't there. I spent over 10K in that store in the last year and then needed a simple service. Yup, they treat you like a king.
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  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I spent right at 10K in the Apple Store this last year and didn't use a credit card once. Why rack up debt when you have the cash for it?
  6. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Android Expert

    Setting aside the Apple-centric nature of this conversation, why not just use a credit card anyway and pay it off immediately? It seems much more convenient than carrying around cash, plus you have the advantage of using the credit card company as a resource if there are problems with a purchase.

    Seems like as long as you have the cash, you might as well use a CC initially and then just pay it when you get your statement.
  7. randyzon

    randyzon Lurker

    I travel all over the U.S. and I haven't found any stores with Evo stock. Bestbuy just dropped their webpage availability of the white model and can't deliver the black one either. I don't think that Sprint or HTC has any plans to resupply the stores for people wanting one and now they are on to the next big thing in phones.

    Maybe they will take a clue from Apple and take reservations so they can get an idea of how many people will want to buy the next new model.

    By the way, I was one of the people that got the surprise brick upgrade and there hasn't been a replacement or an apology to date. I went backwards to my Palm Pre but at least it works and is in my hand instead of a promise.

    I wonder if HTC is going to reman all the bricked returns and provide them to the "wanters" in a few weeks.
  8. RickInHouston

    RickInHouston Member


    I stopped by the same store I called on Saturday. I gave them the same information I was leaving AT&T and iphone for Evo, if they had one. The sales guy went over to the manager. They talked for awhile. The manager went to the back, came back out and nodded to the sales guy. The (supposed) last one from a Friday shipment was on hold for someone that didn't pick it up over the weekend. It's now mine.

    BTW, I had to call AT&T to get my account number so Sprint could port over the number. The AT&T rep really pushed hard to try and keep me with AT&T.
  9. Ares_EMS

    Ares_EMS Newbie

    I'm still waiting on my phone as well, but I have been going through online website as well, after about two weeks waiting for it at Wirefly, I tried going another route, as I seen it online and in stock through Walmart's online site (through letstalk.com), anyways I complete the order just to find out it was backordered. Either they fibbed on actually having it in stock, or I happen to be one of the first ones that are now on the new waiting list. At any rate, I'll probably just have to tough it out with these people, as I don't want to keep signing up at new places, and then have to go through credit checks, etc.. Don't want to ruin my credit just trying to get a freakin phone :\

    One thing is for certain though, I dare Sprint to try to charge me an activation fee, I'll kindly remind them it took them this long just to GET the phone, the least they can do is waive the fee.
  10. aimee2691

    aimee2691 Lurker

    I didn't bother with any of my local Sprint stores. I knew they wouldn't get them any faster than the online Sprint store. Plus with long waiting lists, I could wait months. So I diligently went to the online Sprint store several times a day until it was available. Took me about 2 weeks of going to the site for it to become available, but it was worth the wait. Plus I had it in less than 24 hours once I ordered it.

    My advise, keep looking online. You will probably have better luck getting there. Plus the activation is free.

    Good luck! Its so worth the wait!!
  11. damink23

    damink23 Member

    I keep looking online at sprint and nothing.
  12. 3volut1on

    3volut1on Well-Known Member

    Because most of us use credit cards and pay them in full every month so we get freebies like laptops and plane tickets.

    You guys do realize that there is a huge game currently being played by sprint stores. I've been told by a few employees that they are secretly holding back Evo's for new sprint customer sign-ups. I was in just the other day talking to the rep who sold me mine on launch morning and I asked him if he had any in stock and he whispered to me out of the side of his mouth that he did as long as someone wasn't currently a sprint customer. The reason he was whispering was because he just sent an existing sprint customer packing as I was walking in.
  13. jongordo8

    jongordo8 Newbie

    that happened to me as well, guy before me was a sprint customer and they put them on the waiting list, but they said they had 1 for me.

    I am still waiting for my replacement EVO (light leakage), its been several weeks and my sprint stores say they havent gotten any in this month.
  14. damink23

    damink23 Member

    This blows if this is happening wide spread. BUT more new customers is what Sprint needs right now.
  15. Guin

    Guin Lurker

    The best thing to do is to call the closets best buy store and see if they have them in. Once they have them in they can hold one for you till the end of the day. That is what I did. Or call more than one store.
  16. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I can confirm this as well. I have been in a local store 3 times and was told they were out of stock. They then asked me who I have service with. When they thought they had a new customer they said a shipment just came in and they could give me one. If their service was better I would of jumped on it. I just switched to Verizon from ATT and so far have not been blown away but the service my dinc gets. I love the phone but I could love an evo just as much.
  17. DMaynor

    DMaynor Lurker

    I put my name on the list at 2 Sprint stores. At one I'm like 160 something and at another I'm in the teens. I tried to call the local best buy but no one would answer the phone.

    A guy at work just got his phone after waiting 3 weeks I think. Another guy just got the new android x and has issues already. The screen was doing weird things. It was shaky and then it would turn to white and black lines.
  18. timeizmoney22

    timeizmoney22 Lurker

    I went on best buys website and did a store search everyday until one showed some in their inventory. Called them and drove an hour to get it but it was the limited edition white, so it was worth it! Good Luck!!!!!
  19. Essex

    Essex Android Enthusiast

    Try here: Employee Value Program - Home -. I preordered my (flawless) EVO from them back in early June. The only catch is that you have to work for an employer that offers a Sprint employee discount. Hope this helps!
  20. bad1550

    bad1550 Well-Known Member

    I had it in my cart at Best Buy but the order did not go thru

    Still waiting for Wirefly to ship
  21. 3volut1on

    3volut1on Well-Known Member

    Yeah, unfortunately its a shady practice. But, its a business decision. These reps don't get squat for upgrading an existing customer, but make bank when they sign up an new one. With the Evo, its a guarantee.

    I feel bad for you guys that are waiting. I agree with the above posts that your best chance is to order it online where you take the human element out of the equation.

    Edit: On second thought, why don't you try playing their game by going in and saying "Hey, I'm a new customer and thinking about changing to Sprint, do you have any Evo's in stock?" When they light up with glee and come from the back with one in hand, you can then drop the bomb and say "KIDDDDING, here's my number and i'd like to upgrade" :D <-- make sure you smile big
  22. damink23

    damink23 Member

    Stated I was a new customer, and boom I finally have a new evo. To anyone still trying, call your local sprint store and tell them you would be a new customer. Then hit them with the upgrade, no issues at all.
  23. DMaynor

    DMaynor Lurker

    I called a local store about 5 minutes ago and told them I'm a new customer (which I am) and they said they can get me a HTC Evo by lunch time from another store. Im going to pick it up after work.
  24. Gabornski

    Gabornski Lurker

    got one at a sprint store in minneapolis this week.
  25. bad1550

    bad1550 Well-Known Member

    Got one at Radio Shack today

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