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General Is anyone other than me too cheap for $300?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by grovercxl, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. grovercxl

    grovercxl Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just wondering if I'm the only person around who thinks Verizon could sell this phone for less since they will make much money from us over the next two years. I guess I am going to have to wait for the price to come down...


  2. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    THey do sell if for less. VZW has it for $249.99 so does Motorola via their webpage. Plus with MOTO you get a $25 gift card...so the total is $224.99 :)

  3. dixonba

    dixonba Member

    Verizon DOESN'T sell it for 249. The price is 299 unless you have a corporate discount or NE2 credit.
  4. Laxstar785

    Laxstar785 Android Enthusiast

    I'm not buying it for 300$ not worth it to me, I don't have 4G service in my area yet so whats the point really? I bought an HTC Incredible on craigslist for 100$ and that is WAYYYY better then my dying OG droid was.....and for what I use it for without 4G i wont notice much of a difference so I am just waiting....
  5. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    O. Yea. I have corp discount :)
  6. badfrog

    badfrog Well-Known Member

    radio shack will have them for less than $200 on the 15th
  7. ORD84

    ORD84 Well-Known Member

    Really? This may just bring me out, I had a financial snafu that has prevented me from getting my Bionic yet...
  8. themarshall17

    themarshall17 Lurker

    Really I'm just happy to have an unlimited data plan locked in for another 2+ years with LTE, I had NE2 and so far it's worth it - I was already at 2.8gb when I upgraded
  9. BigRedNole

    BigRedNole Well-Known Member

    Its not worth the headaches for me. I wouldn't buy it on a Upgrade Free/Get 1 Free promo. The screen is just that bad for me. Not sure if it is because my eyes see at a frequency that is not compatible with the screen or something else. I simply cannot use the phone.
  10. themarshall17

    themarshall17 Lurker

    I had similar concerns but got used to it very quickly. Not the best but works great in sunlight. I don't blame you though.
  11. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    I thought the same thing, but I am stunned at 4G and a GIANT fan!
  12. d6racer

    d6racer Newbie

    Every new top end cell phone starts at 3 bills.
    iphone, droid x, etc

    So why should this one be any different and why does it surprise you?

    BTW, it is sweet not to be cheap. :p
  13. gvillager

    gvillager Android Enthusiast

    It's all about supply and demand. VZW is in business for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to make as much money as possible for their shareholders. They aren't interested in lower prices/profits.
  14. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    No, you are not too cheap. $299.99 + tax is a lot for one phone. It's best to shop around though it's harder to find a good deal for people who are upgrading rather than being a new customer. I'm sure the price will come down but I think the lowest it'll go is $150-$199.
  15. badfrog

    badfrog Well-Known Member

    yes, i was in my local rad shack here in Maine and they said on the 15th they would be carrying verizon phones/contracts, including the bionic. they said was going to be 179$ or 199$.. can't remember which
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  16. Mahalo

    Mahalo Android Enthusiast

    I've been on the fence... I went and bought it. I have used it for a few days now, and I have to say that I do not think that it is a $300+ improvement over my Incredible. I just called VZW and told them that I'm taking it back...

    I don't have any of the same problems or bugs I have seen talked about , and I like the phone, but I don't like it THAT much more. I'm really kind of bummed. It is going to cost me the $35 restocking charge so I have to basically add that to whatever phone I end up going with in the future.

    I'll probably just hold out to see a good phone with LTE that has everyone RAVING about the battery life (not that I personally have problems with this bionic battery life...that is the ONE place where it puts my Incredible to shame.)
  17. The droid x wasnt 300 and only the 32 gb iphone was 299. None of the 3g phones are over 199.
  18. You are going to be waiting awhile since the bionic was getting good reviews on battery life and if you didnt like that well dont expect htc to be any better look at the thunderbolt and how awful that phones battery life is. Plus the hd screens on the new upcoming vigor will most likely drain battery even faster.
  19. Sturge[Droid]

    Sturge[Droid] Member

    I sold my Thunderbolt on eBay for $400, bought the Bionic for $569- plus tax came to $169 plus tax. Then bought the extended battery for $24.95 (they're selling it for 50% off if you can find it).
  20. ORD84

    ORD84 Well-Known Member

    Thanks I just talked to verizon I may go to radio shack if I can find one around here, I.was playing with a buddies bionic earlier and now I really want the phone, I could only notice the screen pixels when I tried and that's fine by me...

    Btw verizon's deal on the extended battery for cheap ends on the 30th..
  21. Mahalo

    Mahalo Android Enthusiast

    I think you misunderstood, I said that I don't have problems with the Bionic's battery life... Coming from the Incredible, seeing more than a few hours is magical! I don't have any real problems with the phone at all; it just isn't worth the cost (to me) compared to what I had. I think people who have it will be very happy with it. I love Moto phones, they are quality machines and I'm not trying to pick fights or disparage the phone at all.

    I'll probably end up just using my Incredible until it bites the dust then get whatever has had the best reviews and is a "previous" generation to avoid the $300 price tag.
  22. typhoonrx

    typhoonrx Lurker

    Through Motorola's website, you not only get $25 gift card, but also a $100 Verizon gift card.. just ordered mine today.
  23. d6racer

    d6racer Newbie

    Currently but when they came out they were $300

    Now they are over a year old and the prices have dropped.

    So yes, if $300 is too much, pay $200 for last years technology.
    It is still a great phone, but if you want the hottest thing out, it will cost more. In 6 mos or a year, I am sure it will be cheaper, but their will be something better out.

    Expecting to be any less right now is like expecting to buy an Accord for the price of a Civic.
  24. d6racer

    d6racer Newbie

    You only get the $100 gift card if you ship back a basic phone.
    It won't work if you trade in a smart phone.
    I found that out the hard way. :(

    Oh well, I would have got the phone anyways

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