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Is Best Buy a bad deal?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by neoanderz, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. neoanderz

    neoanderz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I heard other people talking about how they got the activation fee waived and were given other incentives by places like Sam's Club. Has anyone gotten such things at Best Buy? I preordered from Best Buy and I went there today to ask about incentives. The lady told me that they can't waive the activation fee because only a Sprint Store can do that. This seems completely untrue according to what I have read on this forum.

    She also told me that my preorder doesn't guarantee me a phone and that it is unsure if I will be included in the first shipment. This is not what they told me when I preordered. They said that I got in on time and I would get one. I can't believe this and I feel like going to Sam's Club now. Is there still time?? Has anyone had Best Buy actually do anything good for them or just tell them a bunch of nonsense also? Also what happens if I don't pick up my preorder from Best Buy? Can I still use the gift card toward anything I want??

  2. gatorchomp83

    gatorchomp83 Newbie

    Best Buy should be bundling a free Bluetooth headset with all pre-order EVOs. And with waiving activation fees, they are not capable of doing that; only Sprint is.

    If you pre-ordered before May 21st you are guaranteed a phone.

    If you do decide to not pick up your pre-order there, after 14 days they can sell it to someone else. You can use your gift card on whatever you like, whenever you like.
  3. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    I would probably get the BT BB will be giving out, and give it as a gift on Christmas, or someone's birthday. :D

    Honestly, I didn't think about any deals, but get the phone as early as possible. Plus with BB, I thought I'll probably get more accessories to choose from - I could be wrong on this one. :D
  4. neoanderz

    neoanderz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Actually just look at the thread called "Sam's Club Evo Deal". Everyone said that Sam's is waiving the activation fee AND giving a $40 credit to your account upon sign up. On top of that the first poster said they are giving him an additional 5% of his bill each month. I asked about that and they said retailers can "pull strings" whenever they want to. It doesn't matter now though because I just read it is too late to preorder from them.
  5. I got my call not too long ago from my local BBM (Milpitas,CA) and I wasn't even offered a free Bluetooth. I was offered a package deal for $30 that came with a Bluetooth headset, a screen protector, and a car charger. Then I was told that I was going to be charged for an upgrade fee of $18 that would be applied to my phone bill (I already saw this coming). And last but not least that I would be taxed on the full retail price of the phone (so much for only taxing the discounted price).

    So it turns out that I would be short about a good $50 so I asked what would happen to my pre-order if I don't have the full amount by Friday(@10am) and I was told that the farthest they could hold my phone was till Saturday. If I couldn't pick my phone up Friday then my pre-order would go to the next person and that I could have my name added to the list for the 2nd batch. But I'd really like to get it on release day.. I hope I can get it.
  6. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member

    Do you have to pay activation if your are upgrading phones at besy buy?

    If you buy it at best buy and activate on your own will there be activation fee?

    Im a sprint premier customer and havent paid activation the last couple upgrades.. im not looking to pay one now..
  7. geomens

    geomens Member

    Still waiting for my BBM to call :(. I called them this afternoon to check on the appointments and they told me that they will only call when they get their shipment in. Since I did not get a call today, should assume that they did not get their shipment today. How is that possible? This is the BB in Aventura, FL. Anyone with similar story?
  8. grimloch

    grimloch Newbie

    Best Buy called me today and mentioned the activation fee. They also said I had to activate it at Best Buy and tried to sell me a bunch of accessories and insurance that I already know about and am not interested... and "we only have 5 silver cases so you should really just order one and decide whether you want it or not when you pick up the phone." I'm in sales, but c'mon.

    I do not want to pay an activation fee... and can't remember the last time I have. Is it possible to just pay the $200 for the Evo and blast out of the store and activate on my own? I don't like the idea of these BB employees messing with my account and charging me fees I've never paid.

    I've been out of contract since about August of last year. Isn't there some $70 thing I should call Sprint on before going to BB on Friday?
  9. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member

    I did my Moment upgrade at Best Buy. The fee was applied to my account.

    All I had to do was call up Sprint's customer service, ask them to take it off, and bam, it was waived for me.

    I think this only applies if your a Premiere member though. They told me I never have to pay activation fees, and if it ever gets applied, just call in and get it removed.
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