Clyde Jude

Jan 4, 2022
I did a factory reset on my phone yesterday but I went to the bootloader mode (if that is the correct term) to do the factory reset because my mom forgot my phone's password (by the way, this phone used to be hers). After successfully doing the factory reset, I underwent the setup process. Within the setup process, I was asked by google to verify the account that was previously associated with my phone. I remember seeing my dad's account associated with this phone prior the factory reset. However, I am clueless as to what is the password of my deceased dad's google account so I tried entering my own account but I got a message saying that the sign-in process was unable to be done due to a recent password change and that I need to wait for 24 hours in order to be able to sign in again.

What should I do? I'm also thinking if bypassing the FRP of my own phone is illegal or not.

God bless.
Bypassing FRP is not illegal, at least not in my jurisdiction (which may not be the same as yours). But it's not something we generally advise on here, since recipes for bypassing anti-theft measures would also be valuable to any thieves who were to search for them (and I'm saying "also" because I believe you, but a thief looking to unlock a stolen phone would obviously not tell us that was what they were doing. At least you'd think it was obvious, but we've actually had people ask how to bypass security for phones they admitted were not theirs, as if they expected everyone to be fine with that...) .

What I will say is that whether it's actually possible depends on phone and what software it is running. Methods for doing so depend on exploiting bugs, and these tend to be patched when discovered, so there is no general method for doing this. For many devices there will be no way.

Maybe contact Google and see whether there is any way of recovering your Dad's account? That's a long shot, but it's all I can think of. You will need to use that account to log in.
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