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Is Cerberus still relevant?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MoodyBlues, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues Compassion is cool!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    All this talk today [in the other thread] led to installing the newest version directly from the Cerberus site. I've now actually gone in to set it up, and I'm left wondering if I should even bother.

    Now that Google has provided so much protection, I don't know that Cerberus is still relevant.

    For example, thieves will likely find themselves with a shiny, pretty paperweight, what with FRP and all. Hackers would find themselves with none of our personal data since we can remotely wipe them. Thieves and/or hackers may find the law at their door, courtesy of 'find my device.' And so on.

    Looking at the permissions and actions Cerberus wants me to approve, like remote wiping, they're basically redundant because of Google.

    What do you think? Are there compelling reasons to keep it? In an actual emergency scenario, is one better than the other? Which would you use?

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    never heard about it til recently.....i have never really had a reason to use it. i think it is not necessary, but like i said never used.......so i really do not know what advantages it may have in store.
  3. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues Compassion is cool!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    When I bought it two or three phones ago, @ocnbrze, it was a state-of-the-art anti-theft app. But, as noted, due to security steps Google has taken, most of its features are basically redundant.

    The main reason I'd keep it is because I paid for it! I like to get my money's worth out of things I buy, you know?
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