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Is Chris Pirillo serious?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Premonition, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Grung

    Grung Newbie

    Don't know why people let the iPhonologists bother them. They're cultists, like Moonies, and are convinced of the rightness of their mission. When presented with facts contrary to their long-held beliefs, their internal guidance processors simply begin to shut down. Leave them alone, and eventually, like the Shakers, they'll drift into oblivion.


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  2. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    you can root it :) I was a total n00b to android.. did mine MORE than once.. to the point now I have it memorized LOL

    I just followed toast's instructions to the letter and when I got confused searched XDA for my answer :) I took the time to learn ADB a little and get it running but it if you have EVER worked in command line or DOS .. then its super easy :)

    I noticed TREMENDOUS batter difference in my phone after rooting.. I ran navigation, wifi, games, and kept changing my backgrounds/icons yesterday and it still was not dead by the end of the day. I am averaging now 18+ hours of battery... and YES I use it :D
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  3. The guy sounds like a troll, acts like a troll and his logic is very troll like... must be a troll and comes across as a know it all douche.
  4. sagedil

    sagedil Android Expert

    Clambert. Just had to say what a hero you are to me and how grateful I am you are around.

    Back to the thread now. ;-)
  5. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Android Expert

    You are probably signed into something. If you have fring signed in continuously, that might be it. I left fring on all day yesterday and my android was in the upper 90 percentage. I have signed off and it is normal again. I do not know if that was the issue but it might have been.
  6. zamardii12

    zamardii12 Well-Known Member

    He has a point. He probably hasn't turned the things off like we did which is why he said," If my biased for wanting a device that lasts all day after average usage without turning things off, well then I guess i'm biased." I posted about this a while ago where, yes we can get a full day out of the phone if we turn a lot of things off, but what's the point of having such a powerful phone if we can't use it all without all the cool things turned on like background data so I can sync my contacts, and calendar and not have to worry about randomly doing it, live wallpaper which apparently drains battery, turning off Google Voice, turning off GPS, turning the brightness way down...

    Now don't get me wrong, I love my Evo and for what I use it for it's great... but if I had left my phone setup the way it was when I bought it without turning anything off I would probably have gotten the same battery life. I can remember the third day I had the Evo (nothing has been changed from factory settings)and the phone was connected to the charger and I got a call, so I disconnected the phone from the charger and had a 12 minutes conversation (I checked to make sure how long it was exactly). And my phone went from 100% charged to 88% charged.
  7. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    what is the point in running stuff you aren't using at the time? I see no reason to leave my Wifi, gps or bluetooth running if they aren't in use.. I don't leave the lights on in my house when I am not using them..
  8. sagedil

    sagedil Android Expert

    Shh. Now you are just being rational. We shall have none of that here! ;-)
  9. RaiseUp151z

    RaiseUp151z Well-Known Member

    Do you mind sharing what root method you chose + roms?? I just can't make up my mind there is so much info out there & I have never done rooting.
  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    I'm in the same boat.

    I want to keep my present setup, Sense bloatware mostly intact, but I do want to get rid of apps selectively.

    PS -

    And seriously - despite all I've read and have seen on YouTube (including the 9 minute HTC explanation), and coming from a Moment - I'm STILL not entirely sure what Sense is.

    I think it's a lot of social networking and cross-connecting mail and sms with calls and contacts.

    Some of that I like.

    I like the clock app (know I can get that on the Market) and I like having 7 spaces as opposed to three, and I like active wallpaper.

    I'm using red smoke, it reminds me of the hyperspace scenes from Babylon 5 - because now I feel like I'm beyond cyberspace - having the Evo makes me feel like I've moved up to hyperspace.

    PPS -

    OK, once I got it through my head that http://www.unrevoked.com/m gave root access - but not full access to files in /system (I believe I read that correctly), then the process of changing the rom made more sense - kinda.

    All I thought I really wanted a terminal interface via usb and a root login - but I'm using the cartoon/forums method and it is pretty straightforward.

    Or maybe I'll use this.
  11. IPvFletch

    IPvFletch Android Enthusiast

    Nothing fancy, just not installing apps which suck up a lot of useless data, like twitter apps, facebook, friendstream, etc.. You can always go online and get data vs. waiting for a push and soaking up battery/data usage. You can search my threads for my settings, basically nothing fancy and rooting it had NOTHING to do with my battery life.
  12. jrstinkfish

    jrstinkfish Android Enthusiast

    The only things I leave off unless they're needed are GPS, 4G, and WiFi. Never use Bluetooth so that is always off. It checks my email every 15 minutes, syncs to Facebook every 30, and I have a live wallpaper. I turned off Google Talk, and if I remember, I kill services I don't need.

    If I'm at home or out and about, where I get a good signal, the phone will last all day with average use -- I could take it off the charger, use it all day, leave it off the charger at night, and wake up with it barely in the yellow. If I'm at work, where my phone struggles to maintain one bar, I would get maybe 4 hours with average use. That seems to be the biggest drain for me, the bad signal at work.

    The home numbers are probably skewed by me using Y5 Battery Saver, which turns off 3G and uses Wifi if you're in a spot where you've connected to the Wifi before, then turns 3G back on when you're out of range. Love that app.
  13. kappaz

    kappaz Lurker

    Here is the actual review. I think the first issue with the slider is ridiculous, but he does make some valid points like the wifi
  14. jrstinkfish

    jrstinkfish Android Enthusiast

    Is he a hobbit?

    I got halfway through before I moved on to something else, and most of what I heard was nitpicking because the UI didn't function the way he wanted it to (complaining about swiping down to unlock? Really?). It's funny, I thought the same thing the first couple of days, now I can zip around it with ease. These guys need to live with a phone for a week or so before they try to review it.
  15. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    Haha. Poor guy. I'd be mortified if a video of me acting like this was released to the public. :p
  16. jrstinkfish

    jrstinkfish Android Enthusiast

    Wow, look how close he was to actual women there. Those were the good old days.
  17. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the vote of confidence clambert1273, however I wouldn't even begin to know where to start. I would much rather get longer battery life between charges without going through all the "rooting" stuff to tell you the truth.

    Sorry everyone for getting a little off topic. :cool:
  18. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for getting back to me with that, and sorry for getting a little off topic. I do some searching on here like you suggested. Now I remember why I thought you had rooted your phone. The picture of your stats. So I guess either "Shootme" works on unrooted phones, or there is another application that does that on unrooted phones????
  19. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    My problem with this is there is no way to tell if the phone was fully charged when he took it off the cord. He could have only charged it to 60% and we wouldn't know.

    Pretty biased, and I can't believe this guy has any kind of following as he is super annoying. And after a quick google search it makes sense that this guy has been divorced twice.
  20. jrstinkfish

    jrstinkfish Android Enthusiast

    I find the marriages much more surprising than the divorces.
  21. I thought this screen shot was worth sharing here. This is with some very heavy use today. No calls but text messages, emails, and lots and lots of gaming. That douche bag wanted to know what would happen if he really used the device and wasn't on standby time. Well... here you go.

  22. dr g

    dr g Android Enthusiast

    Guy seems like a dunce.
  23. StealthTH

    StealthTH Well-Known Member

    Here is mine. Not too much actual phone use...a lot of messaging/web browsing. Stock firmware to boot.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    I'd like to rub this in his face...lol. I don't live in a 4g area so that probably helps my case.
  24. sessman

    sessman Well-Known Member

    i definitely think that there are bad batteries floating around, I got mine on launch and I can barely get 6-8 hours out of my battery with average amount of texting, fbooking, and engadget/phandroid apps...

    ive done the google voice trick...and the cdma trick as well
  25. mistax

    mistax Member

    after doing the gsm to cdma change i get alot more stamina in my phone

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