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Is Commando 4G LTE Compatible with Other Networks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fhughey2014, May 31, 2014.

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    Is the Casio Commando 4G LTE C811 from verizon compatible with T-Mobile network? verizon naturally said it was not compatible but T-Mobile says it is. If it is compatible what do I need to make it work on T Mobile network? I already have a T Mobile Sim Card ready to go it's just the phone won't let me use T Mobile SIM Card. Verizon Technical Support Rep.told me that all of their 4G Phone models are unlocked so I know that should not be the problem if Verizon person knew what they were talking about because sometimes I do wonder sometimes if the tech support people really knows. Do I need to root the phone would that enable it to work on Tmobile network? If so how do I root the phone

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    Post #2 by rjglenn, May 31, 2014 (3 points)
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    Everything you need to know is right here on this forum...

    Yes, it is compatible with T-Mobile's GSM & EDGE network. It will not access the LTE and HSPA+ that T-Mobile is running on their AWS spectrum. Apparently this phone is popular in Eastern Europe where it is being used on GSM & UMTS networks.

    You said it's not working. Specifically what is happening?

    You will not need to root the device, check out this post and download and install the application that is in it:


    I have used an AT&T SIM, and there is another guy who is using it on Straight Talk without issue so there is no reason for it not to work once you follow the instructions above.
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    I have my phone on page plus $ 39.00 month had to purchase a 4g card on e-bay for page plus it cost $4.00 . dealer by me wanted $25.00 sending pictures is sometimes very slow but works good for the price . Alot cheaper than verizon .

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