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Jul 2, 2011
For the past several weeks I've been cleaning up my music library on my phone. I have around 3,000 songs on my SD card and I went through about 900 songs that had no tagging and album art and edited the files through PowerAmp to give them Titles, Albums, Art, Etc...Everything is beautifully tagged, pictured, and genre'd. However when I created a complete backup of the phone, I browsed the backed up music files and sure enough, All the editing that was done to the files did not stick. So I have 900 Unknown Unknowns again atleast with the backup...Reason it pissed me off is eventually I'm going to want to expand on storage and would like to just run a backup restore on the new card and not have to go through all that again.

Am I missing something, Or is music file editing merely aesthetic if you will..

I had to take a couple shots of patron when I realized all that work was potentially for nothing..

I'm at witts end.
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. All these music files are on my SD card that are in the phone currently. The original music files that are on my computer still have those same 900 songs that are unknown unknowns. I did all the editing to the files within PowerAmp on my phone. I then created a backup using G-Cloud of my entire phone and was eventually going to use the backup restore feature within G-Cloud to unload all my now fully edited music files onto a new larger SD card when that time comes.. Yet browsing through the backup it shows those aforementioned music files as untagged.

Additionally when I hook up the phone to the PC via USB and open up my SD cards Music file...All my music is there, However all the editing I did to the music is not, Still shows Unknowns.

The only place where things are fixed and the editing was applied is within PowerAmp Itself.

I don't understand.
I haven't done any tag editing on our Android devices, so no I haven't had the problem. I do any tag editing on my PC when I acquire the song. Then I distribute the songs out to the Androids, and mp3 players as required. I use MP3Tag on my PC.