Help is galaxy note 2 a good phone to buy ?


I am planning to buy new phone
is galaxy note 2 a good phone to buy ?
and thanks


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I bought one sim free when they 1st came out last year and sold my contract phone then, now that my contract has ended, I didn't see a phone out there that was as good or better than my Note 2, so I sold my sim free phone and upgraded my contract for a new Note 2, thats how highly I rate them.


I've had to use a cell phone since they were the big bulky bag phones. I don't know how many I've gone through in the past 22+ years, but I will say that this is the absolute ONLY cell phone I've ever loved. I didn't know what I'd do with it, and now I don't know what I'd do without it. It's a fantastic phone. You can't go wrong.
There is no other phone on the market right now that induces even the slightest bit of phone envy in me, whether S4 or HTC One or whatever else. The only thing that I can see making me want to upgrade would be the Note 3, as long as it's not TOO big. If it comes out at 5.7" as some of the rumors have it, then I could see myself possibly doing an early upgrade, which is very out of the ordinary for me and goes to show what a great phone I consider this thing to be. Aside from the Note 3, there is nothing else out there, or even announced, that has me wanting to upgrade.


My brother has the Note 2 and was so excited to get the HTC One and after a week he went back to the Note 2.....There was just too much he missed on it. I have a Note 2 and initially wanted to get the S4 but I just can't see ever getting rid of my Note 2.....Best phone I have ever had. I have had the Incredible 2, Droid 3, Razr Maxx, GS3 as well as many other dinosaur smartphones. This IS the best!


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It's a great phone to buy until the note 3 comes out :)

I love this one.:rolleyes:

Btw, if you are cell phone providers contract "lover", WAIT for one or two month, then you will get Note 3; it is OCTA cores...:thumbup::adore:and you can *smash the phone but the screen will never broken because it is "plastic".

*Before you smash, make sure your phone has accidentally damaged insurance..:D
My suggestion...wait for this OCTA should be on the U.S market in Sept...Oct


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I am planning to buy new phone
is galaxy note 2 a good phone to buy ?
and thanks

Good choice. S4 a close second, imo.

But the Note 2's S-pen has captured my imagination and now I even rely on it, whereas at first it was a novelty. From jotting down quick notes on the fly to composing nice letters on real stationary, printed off sometimes and sometimes just sent via sms or email.. quite a nice feature (in addition to all the rest about the Note 2 mentioned above ;)).


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Well OP, you are asking this question in a Note 2 forum so you won't get too many "No" answers here. Having said that, as someone that considers himself a tech geek, I am still in awe of this device. I've had it since the first week the TMO variant was introduced and I've been living the dream ever since. I hope it doesn't come to an end. Can't go back to Apple, Android is so much better for someone not better of with a basic/plan OS. Couple Android with the N2 and.........WOW.