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Is gb crashing or is it my Cappy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by neo1973, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. neo1973

    neo1973 Member
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    Before I go buy a Galaxy S II, just curious if anyone else is having catastrophic failures with their cappy. Must be noted that I did not have these issues pre-gb.

    Currently, I am getting what I call "ghost crashes" or "ghost reboots". Its where the screen turns black, right in the middle of an app (almost always OMGPOP Draw something), makes the shut down music, stays black for a couple of secs, then the home screen starts loading, like it would after a fresh power on but without the ATT screen and the Galaxy screen.

    Today, my phone completely stopped working, and it has been buggy lately in general. It did start working again, but this is a business phone and I can't not have the most simple function of a smartPHONE working.

    Extremely laggy, all the time, with everything.

    There's other little stuff, but that I can live with. It's the crashing and the phone not working that's gotta go.

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