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Is ICS worth it ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MattJessop, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. MattJessop

    MattJessop Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    As ICS is now available for my XEU SGII, the question is - is it worth it ?

    What are the benefits and have there been any major issues with the release ?

    I have been through the forum and seen a couple of issues but nothing major.



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  2. sparxuk

    sparxuk Lurker

    first impressions for me are good, it has been very stable so far, i was running the omega custom ICS ROM, and the stock one feels a lot more responsive and fluid.

    Samsung have done nothing to touchwiz so it feel very much the same as gingerbread, however there are things under the bonnet that are different such as data monitoring, face unlock etc.

    I would recommend upgrading, ive had no issues whatsoever (yet)
  3. Kibbster

    Kibbster Android Expert

    I've had a few minor issues but on the whole it's very good and I think an improvement over GB.

    Most of minor issues will hopefully be resolved by devs as Android 4 rolls out to more phones.

    Worth upgrading to IMHO.
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  4. Hal_Chase

    Hal_Chase Well-Known Member

    Did my GF's SGSII at the weekend (Vodafone branded), it runs lovely and smooth, nice and fast too and no issues have been noticed yet.

    (unlike my Sensation which has been ruined by ICS :rolleyes:)

    Like others have said, its been dipped in TouchWiz so you won't recognise hardly any raw ICS stuff and looks pretty much the same as Gingerbread.
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  5. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    The short and sweet reply is Yes, it's worth it to update to ICS :).
    As for the benefits, update it for yourself and see, we are all still finding out the benefits. :p
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  6. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

    In short, yes.
    I've been very happy with it so far. Smooth, quick, clean, etc.
    Some minor issues, but nothing is perfect!
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  7. ppsp

    ppsp Newbie

    It's definitely worth, especially if you go for a stock ICS launcher, like APEX. Otherwise you won't notice any big difference.
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  8. antpal

    antpal Member

    I upgraded this morning (which as a nause thanks to Kies! Grrrr). The phone itself is lovely! like having a new phone again!
    Smooth, fast, the fonts look sharp. The new lock screen looks cool. All good!!

    Shame the updating part itself wasn't a nice experience!
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  9. sntaylor

    sntaylor Android Expert

    Did mine when o2 released it, biggest difference I've noticed is my data usage, not even used 100mbs yet,

    Days restrict option has worked wonder!

    As for the unlock option (padlock symbol) it want too knew to me as my gf galaxy w already had it!

    And I don't want to jinxs things by saying I've had no problems.........
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  10. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Android Expert

    I love it on mine. :) So far the battery life is a bit better and it definitely runs faster. (Benchmarks confirm as much.)
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  11. antpal

    antpal Member

    From what i've read, those that have had the most serious issues haven't done a total wipe of the phone before doing the update.
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  12. dunjamon

    dunjamon Android Enthusiast

    I didn't do a total wipe and it seems to be running without problems for me. Will take a while to get used to the new menu system (and the awful new contacts screens), but on the whole much better than GB.
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  13. antpal

    antpal Member

    Yeah, that wide screen picture you get in a contact is a bit odd - chops most peoples heads off lol!
    The only thing i don't really like is that the menus appear as lists now and not icons. Other than that it looks really good imo.
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  14. Rheumatoid

    Rheumatoid Member

    I can't be doing with the contacts picture. Its a PIA seeing as I have them all synched with picasa. Maybe one day they will get picasa to send Hi-res thumbnails of people so they look better. I would rather just have a small image tho.

    Otherwise fairly happy with ICS although the upgrade did mess up all my page layouts and folders.

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  15. antpal

    antpal Member

    I lost everything! Luckily i'd copied all folder directories to my computer - otherwise i would have been in trouble!
    Had to download everything again from Play (over 100 apps!), and then copy everything back from my pc in usb mode! Right pain!
    All sorted now though - and happy (until the Mrs gets home and wants hers upgraded!)!
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  16. Mutant04

    Mutant04 Member

    On the whole, seems to run pretty stable, although early days yet. Can't really see that much difference from Gingerbread.
    The face unlock is a bit gimmicky. Also I was lead to believe I could do somethings, which I can't. No landscape home screens when you rotate the phone. Can't create folders by dagging icons on top of each other.

    I think the reason these things don't work for is TouchWiz.

    I have put on APEX as my launcher however this won't allow widgets unless the phone is rooted.

    Feel a little let down after the wait.
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  17. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    Yes all this is because of touchwiz.

    Try NOVA Launcher or Nova Launcher Prime. Root access improves the widgets section but it works even without root access.

    You will get the stock ICS look and feel and all the features that you mentioned are there in it :D
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  18. MattJessop

    MattJessop Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well I took all of your advice and upgraded tonight. I didn't factory reset and all seemed to go well.

    However, I do have a couple of issues / dislikes -

    1. Lock screen. I don't like the reduced size of the pattern dots. Also the photo I use looks rubbish ( I use the exact same photo on my home screen and it looks fine). It looks "grainy" and the resolution isn't as good as it was on GB

    2. My pone is on my wireless and it seems to be downloading something. Jam to sure if this is normal as the up/down arrows under the wireless icon wasn't there previously. I've read others have had battery issues which could be explained by ICS downloading "stuff" after the upgrade. I'll see how it goes for a few days.

    3. I am not convinced that Juice Defender is actually working after the update.

    4. I use Go Launcher EX so I don't feel like much has changed visually.

    Other than the above, I am very happy. I uses the biggest issue for me is the change in size of the dots on the lock screen. If I could find an app that works the same way as the iPhone (slide then input PIN without having to press OK) then I would be very happy. Suggestions anyone ?

    Thanks to all for all our help/comments/feedback. I have hit the "Thanks" button where appropriate.


  19. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    The reduced dot size is actually a feature. The larger dots did not allow for more complicated patterns to be drawn as sometimes diagonals would be difficult to draw.
    The grainy image issue should be solved if you reapply the lockscreen image. (I am assuming you did not apply it post the update but that your image got carried forward from GB)

    It maybe downloading a few files post update but it does not continuously download data.
    The icons are new as part of ICS. I believe the arrows change color during data transfer.

    Using Juice defender or any task killer for that matter is not recommended on android. They do more harm than good.

    If you continue using goLauncher then you cannot possibly experience visual difference in the UI. Try any ICS specific launcher.
    My personal recommendation is for Nova Launcher (my current favorite and default launcher).

    You can use a pin as security feature instead of pattern, but I believe you need to press ok after typing (more secure if you have to type ok)

    Hope this helps :)
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  20. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Only problem with both nova and apex is that the main wallpaper is zoomed in. This should be a changeable feature to turn on/off the zoom feature! What causes this behaviour when a launcher is developed?
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  21. The Driver

    The Driver Member

    You should be aware that if your phone is Sim Free and you get offered it, don't accept it, especially if you use Bluetooth.

    I've found out that if you try media streaming or try to create a linkage between the phone & cars hands free system, all you will get is stuttering audio.

    When you created the link with 2.3.4 the audio & streaming was perfect, now it's unusable. :banghead:

    You have been warned.
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  22. MattJessop

    MattJessop Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I don't but thanks for the heads up !
  23. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    zoomed in? I don't understand what you mean.
    On Nova Launcher that I am using my wallpaper does not look any different from how it looks on the default touchwiz launcher.

    Hope you checked my post above regarding your lockscreen issues? Do tell me if it solved the issues you faced.
  24. ajmount88

    ajmount88 Member

    APEX does allow widget if you aren't rooted, it just wont allow them from the app drawer. If you add them the same way as in GB (long press on the home screen then select add widget) it works fine. You can hide widgets in the app drawer to get rid of unnecessary clutter (go into apex settings, drawer settings, scroll down to show widgets tab and deselect it. You cab also deselect the downloaded apps tab if you want). I wouldn't recommend NOVA over APEX, as you have to buy the paid for version of NOVA to get all of its features, but APEX includes them all (as far as I can tell) for free.
  25. MattJessop

    MattJessop Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi @Forbidden 403,

    Thanks for the help. I have re-applied the photo several times but it still looks the same. Interesting the lock screen shows the clock and that font looks a bit weird too. Also if I select "Show Weather on lock screen" in Display settings, that doesn't work. I'll post a pic later so you can see the issue.

    In regard to Juice Defender, I purely use this to turn off data when the phone isn't being used. I don't use any appkiller functions (not intentionally anyway).

    I'll have a look at Nova Launcher tonight.

    Thanks again


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