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Is is possible to re-order the phone numbers for a contact?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Johnny Cakes, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Title pretty much says it all. The contact for my wife has about 8 numbers listed. I want to re-order how they appear -- e.g. move the 5th number to the top position. Other than re-enter all the numbers, is there a way to easily re-oder them?

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  2. nyall

    nyall Newbie

    Contacts are much easier to manage with a PC. Are you sync'd with a gmail account?

    If so it is as easy as copying and pasting to swap them. Also the phone type (home / cell / work / pager / fax) can be changed.

    I just checked on my moment and the contact editor does allow copying and pasting.
  3. Moment

    Moment Member

    There are a lot of things you can do when you connect it to the computer, Johnny. Check it out. You'll be happy you did.
  4. kencrudup

    kencrudup Android Enthusiast

    What exactly does "connect it to the computer" mean here? That PC-Studio stuff? If so, what's the advantage of that vs. going to Google Mail and then to your Contacts?
  5. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    Definitely a little vague but I'm pretty sure he meant syncing. PC Studio doesn't do anything for the Moment... it's not an app that works with android.
  6. Gizmodo

    Gizmodo Member

    Use Google, you'll be glad you did. When I had to do a hard reset, it was pretty painless as my empty contacts synced up with my google account almost immediately. (you can actually command it to sync whenever you want.) I always work on contacts on my computer, logged into my gmail account. Definitely the way to go. My wife did not want to be bothered with a gmail account. She also had to do a hard reset. Guess what she lost? Yep, all her contacts. Oh yeah, she NOW has a gmail account. Live and learn.;)
  7. MB200

    MB200 Member

    Okay, I hear the idea, and I have been using the gmail contacts list to edit most of my contact info. But it does not allow a solution to the problem posed by the JohnnyCakes in the original post.

    On a contact with a bunch of phone numbers (one company I have as a contact has 15 different phone numbers for various folks and departments),
    I note that the order that the phone numbers show up in the gmail contact and the order they show up in the contact list on the phone is different.

    So for me, the orginal question is still relevant:
    Is is possible to re-order the phone numbers for a contact?
  8. nyall

    nyall Newbie

    Any number can easily be moved to the top of the list. Long press the number and you get a pop up option where it can be made the default number. Once default it will be at the beginning.

    For the rest of them I was able to move numbers around by copying and pasting around on the phone.

    But I wonder, if you install an O.S. upgrade then re-sync with google, will the ordering be preserved?

    Its not quite what you are asking for but I'll point out that the contacts/dialer app lets you display contacts only categorized to a particular group. For your purposes it might be best to create a group with the company name, then create individual contacts within that group for the different numbers. This allows for more descriptive names: one contact with 15 numbers all labeled 'work' sounds unwieldy.

    The downside to this is that you might have to frequently change what group you want displayed, but that takes a couple of seconds.
  9. MB200

    MB200 Member

    Thanks for the help Nyall. But that approach, trying a "long press" on one of the several phone numbers that I have associated with a particular contact, is not working for me.

    I've tried long pressing just when the contact has been selected (i.e., where a short press would place the call), and also when the contact has been placed in edit mode by first pressing the Menu Key and then selecting "edit" from the touch screen.

    I don't have a good theory as to why it is not working. Do you have any ideas for what I should try to debug it? Or try differently?

  10. nyall

    nyall Newbie

    That is where I was able to do it. I held my finger down on the number until I got a popup.
  11. MB200

    MB200 Member

    Bummer. It works for you but not me. My touchscreen is clearly detecting the presence of my (long-press) finger on the number, but it is NOT bringing up any sort of popup.

    What Android phone are you using, and do you know what version of Android is in the code load on your phone? Motorola Cliq is, I am told, running a down-level version of Android (v1.5 methinks) while some phones are running v2.0 or even v2.1.

  12. nyall

    nyall Newbie

    I've got a samsung moment running a 1.5 android. But the individual components have their own versions, I'm not sure what the version of my dialer application is.

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