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Is it branded?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nybras, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Bought my phone through P4U and was told it was sim free and unbranded.. so why do I have an Orange Plus App on my phone? Is this something that may have come off the Sim Card (if that's actually possible?)

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  2. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    Oh dear.... It is not possible for an app to come from the Sim card as you say. That handset has been near orange at some point. Have P4U been fibbing....

    If you could post the details of your O/S version that would be interesting. (Settings --> About)
  3. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Software number i'm guessing you want??

  4. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    My understanding was that the .405. firmware codes were the unbranded ones.

    It sounds very very wrong there being an Orange app on there though, doesn't it.

    Anyone with a network branded phone care to post their version? Vodafone people perhaps?
  5. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah because ins't 1.32.405.3 the number after the latest update? See when I asked the guy at P4U if it was unbranded he said yes because the phones they have are allocated for use with Vodaphone, but as he was able to sell it to me with Orange it meant they was unbranded.

    So why the hell is this App on my phone lol
  6. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    Very very odd.

    What I have found on XDA

    .405 - Unbranded
    .771 - 3 UK
    .227 - O2 Germany
  7. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    Actually - easy answer here.

    P4U are really awful for letting people play with the phones in the shop before selling them on to other customers.

    If I had to guess, yours wasn't sealed and previously it had been brought out to show someone interested in buying it on an Orange contract. They asked about whether they could get the orange wednesday's android app or whatever so the salesperson loaded something orange-related onto it to show them?

    Just a guess... Can you uninstall the app. That's usually a clue as to whether it's cooked into the ROM.
  8. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No it wasn't from a P4U shop. I ordered it over the phone from 'Head Office' and there was a void seal untouched on the box.
    I'm not able to uninstall this app either
  9. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    I'm stumped then I'm afraid.
  10. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The App by the way is called 'Orange +' (Orange plus) and has an icon of a Sim Card with a small metal gear/cog thingy in the corner.
  11. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    I have something very similar from T-Mobile on my (very lightly) branded Galaxy S.
  12. fatjames

    fatjames Newbie

    Nothing at all on my voda handset. i'll return later with the software number.
  13. This sounds as if it is orange sim related. Easiest way to find out, is if you have a sim from another network, slip it in and see if the app is still there. What does the app do? does it simply give you links to orange services? if so then it is the same as the sim toolkit on the vodafone network, which gives links to things such as customer services travel and account information. The 405 code is sim free version, so there should be no branding at all.
  14. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    It is, mine is totally unbranded and I have the same icon, it is just the info the phone puts in when you select your service provider, I have a wildfire and that is totally unbranded I put my Orange sim card in, that icon links to Orange, I put my T Mobile sim in and the same icon now links to T Mobile.

    Fear not the OP has not been done!

  15. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    You learn something everyday. I wasn't aware this was possible.

    There has been talk of adding nfc payment functionality to Sims at some point, interesting if controlling this via the phone might be implemented in a similar way.
  16. Krimian

    Krimian Member

    I ordered from e2save on T-Mobile and its unbranded and Software number: 1.28.405.1

    I've got he app with a picture of a simcard and a cog on it but nothing on it is about T-Mobile and nothing when i open the app either.

    Looks like mine is behind the times a wee bit.
  17. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    Here you go, changing the sim card produces this, after clicking sim toolkit



  18. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    cool well this is good news, I was a little worried Orange may have done something to my phone.

    Cheers guys
  19. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Android Enthusiast

    You do know Orange + comes from the sim card right?

    For example, put another network sim in, you won't see Orange +

    Just basically services embedded to a sim card...Nothing to worry about...Shows on mine..Take it out and put my sisters Tesco one in, it goes away :)
  20. adfgarga

    adfgarga Newbie

    I'm surprised Vodafone released this phone unlocked and with no branding. I thought they were notorious for putting all sorts of nonsense on their phones. Very surprised tethering is not restricted either.

    I'm on Vodafone contract - unlocked running 1.32.405.3
  21. Krimian

    Krimian Member

    I've just updated to 1.32.405.3 and now i cannot download apps from the market.

    Is this to do with the update or not?

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