Is it necessary to install updates?

Hi all, gosh this might seem like the most dumb questions for some but I'm a little technologically challenged so I just wanted the opinion of some of those who know a lot more then me regarding droid phones!

I have a HTC Hero, nearly for about a month, on Orange contract and it's running on 1.5 version I saw somewhere in the settings. A notification popped up a couple of days ago asking to do a system update. It recommend I connect to Wifi to do install the update but I can't get Wifi in my house (I rely on mobile broadband on laptop and on 3G on the phone) so I ignored it.

I can however get Wifi when I visit friend's houses so I was wondering whether it's necessary for me to install the update? Is it a large improvement or needed for future use? Also, will it wipe anything off my phone?

Thanks guys for what may seem obvious!
I'm sure there's a way to physically download it to your PC at home and boot up the update. I'm not sure of the procedure for your particular model. Hopefully someone will chime in.


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The reason they recommend wifi is because the file can be kinda large. The 2.1 update for the droid was about 15mb, while the first 2.2 update for droid is 45mb. If it isn't gonna screw you over on your data plan to download a file in that range, then you should be fine on 3g.


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Hi there, thanks for the responses but as said in my title I'm just wondering if it's necessary to install the update?

Will it make a big improvement? Is it necessary for the future? Will it wipe the current apps and contacts and things on my phone if I do install it? I did mention this all in the first post!

Thanks snapcase, I have 500mb a month so it should be okay to download through 3G. I just want to know if it's needed.



There are some major new features in the 2.1 update which your phone is prompting you to download.

You get:
1) Improved market (with screenshots and many new apps which you don't get on 1.5)
2) Bluetooth file transfer (limited to photos and music I think. But there is an app to fix that)
3) Much improved camera UI (much easier to change the exposure/light settings/etc.)
4) MUCH faster web browser (if you use others like steel or dolphin then you can ignore this)
5) Google maps with navigation (still in beta and only works in USA currently)
6) many other tweeks and minor improvements

For me, 2.1 is also much smoother/faster than 1.5 as well. IMO I consider it a BIG improvement and it is a must.
But if you can live without those stated above, you can dont update if you wish not to.
Is it necessary for the future? Hm, not really, but it is safe to say this will be the last major firmware upgrade for our Hero. Chances of getting 2.2 is VERY low. So you can just update and don't have to worry about new major updates anymore.

I have personally updated to 2.1 and all my apps/data/contacts/etc are still here. Except for AK notepad which you can download it off the market and your notes will still be there from before the update.

Oh and if you do update, there will be a total of 2 updates you have to do. Just do them both. The 1st is to prepare your phone for 2.1 and the 2nd update is the actual 2.1 update and it is 80MB+.


Hi Hd,

As Kayshart suggests above,

"For me, 2.1 is also much smoother/faster than 1.5 as well. IMO I consider it a BIG improvement and it is a must"

If you do decide to go ahead and update, the decision is yours, but I'd suggest having the phone on charge. Mine took absolutely ages !!!!!!!!

ps: Back up any photo's etc as the update lost mine. I didn't lose my contacts list, thankfully, and gained all my Facebook contacts ?