Nov 1, 2009
Is it healthy to take off your battery a lot?

i.e: Before going to bed I take off the battery, does that harm my phone?? Is it good???

Can someone please help me?
As long as the phone is turned off prior to removing the battery, I see nothing wrong with it.. Although I don't know if it's helping anything.. but it's not hurting anything either.
A battery pull is much like a hard boot on a pc. That isn't to say its something you don't want to do, however. Battery pulls are a common first step in troubleshooting phones and its a well known fact in blackberry circles that it remedies many issues.

There's not significant information on the Hero to know of it helps as much as it does on 'berries... but I do it if I see strange things happening on mine...

Pulling the battery from a powered off state will have no effect whatsoever.