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Is it OK to leave Mobile Network turned on? (O2 PAYG Simplicity)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by UKseagull, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. UKseagull

    UKseagull Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm on O2's PAYG Simplicity with free texts and unlimited web, can I just leave my 'Mobile Network' connected and not be concerned? I imagine that data is only sent and received when a refresh is carried out?

    Will it default to WiFi when in range of my router?

  2. pete borota

    pete borota Newbie

    There's no problem leaving 3G turned on. The only consideration is battery life. If you have a lot of apps that are updating constantly. Also it's best to shut down your Wi-fi until you need it.

    This will save your battery and help you get through the day.
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  3. UKseagull

    UKseagull Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    After posting this I decided to email O2 and ask about the 'unlimited' internet, it's actually only a 500mb monthly allowance! Why the heck do they call it unlimited?
  4. mclemme

    mclemme Newbie

    a) To fool people into buying the data plan
    b) Most people (non geeks) will not go over 500MiB/month
    c) They can make money on the ones that do go over 500MiB/month

  5. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah that really irritates me with mobile networks. Hey, have unlimited data (but don't use more than 500mb.) Wankers.

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  6. UKseagull

    UKseagull Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Oh well, I've just installed the 3G Watchdog to see how I get on,I've no idea how much data I'm likely to use as the phone's new to me.
  7. mclemme

    mclemme Newbie

    I guess I'm lucky, here in Denmark the data packages are quite cheap, I pay 49DKK/month (~5.50
  8. UKseagull

    UKseagull Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That doesn't sound too bad, only 320mb used. I think I'll just be using mine to check emails and looking at a couple of forums/face book on a daily basis. I'll download apps etc from my wifi on an evening.
  9. prav

    prav Newbie

    Hi, new (posting) here, great forum, been reading it a lot this week.

    I should be getting my desire from three tomorrow, I was considering switching to t-mobile with their nice 3gb allowance on android phones but when i phoned up 3 they gave me a pretty good deal, and the 3 signal where i'm moving to later this year has been better than t-mobile. So far so good.

    However, I was under the impression that 3 had a 1GB fair use policy, which seemed it would be enough for me (I'm mainly worried about google navigation, I'm going to be a bit lost for a while after we move, I don't know the new area). Reading this thread I thought I'd better check, and now some sites I've found seem to suggest it has been reduced to 500mb per month since May 1st, though i can't find any official word anywhere.

    Does anybody know the full story? It seems a bit of a stupid thing to reduce the browsing limit at the same time as changing all your plans to 'Internet Talker' and 'Internet Texter'. If the limit is 500mb, does anyone know how strict that limit is, ie do they only get annoyed if you go a large amount over the cap, or do you get charged immediately?

    Just to add, I did speak to someone in a 3 store about 5 days ago when I was checking out the handset in person, and he assured me that it was 1GB, though I then did the deal over the phone with the upgrades people. Does anyone think they might increase the limit to 1GB (if it is now 500mb) for me if i ring and cite this conversation? I was thinking that I might still have some negotiating leverage during the 14 days distance selling regs to get things changed?

    Thanks for any replies, I have tried to look for myself first :)

    EDIT: hope this isn't an off-topic post btw, i think the OP has his answer, I didn't want to clutter the forum with too many threads on essentially the same topic :)
  10. Adebisi

    Adebisi Well-Known Member

    there are 3 versions of this smartphone plan

    1. Pay as you go
    2. 1 month contract
    3. 12 month contract

    which one are you on? I think the data limit is diffrent depending on which one you are on. (does anyone know this?)

    How the hell in this day and age do companies get away with saying something is unlimited? I mean if they said 10gig I could maybe understand but 500meg!! FFS!!! :thinking:
  11. pete borota

    pete borota Newbie

    It's best to check the small print. All providers are trying to work out how they can make money out of data. I think it will get worse as mobile termination rates drop through the floor the only winners will be people like Three (Mobile termination rates are charges that are made against the network where the call terminates). Three have campaign for a long time to reduce them on the pretext that the reduction will be passed on to the customer.

    The reality is Three has the biggest MTR bill as they have fewest customers on their network. Therefore they have the biggest MTR charges. As these charges are reduced by OFTCOM network providers have to look at where they will make up the shortfall in the turnover.

    With the explosion in data requirements all network providers are working out how they are going to cope with the demand. It's complex and expensive and people like T-Mobile are giving 3GB allowance a month as part of your bundle.

    One thing is for sure as MTR rates drop so more an more companies will be looking at their data rates. Make sure you read the small print before signing your contract.
  12. Adebisi

    Adebisi Well-Known Member

    the problem is there is nothing in the small print about it only for the pay as you go sim not the contract
  13. mabizela

    mabizela Guest

    Tom: It'll show you the data in KB, currently you've used around 49 MB of data. I'm sorry but I can't comment on the exact limit available on the Bolt On.
    Aaron: why can't you comment I have a right to no
    Tom: Aaron, once you reach the limit, you'll be notified.
    Aaron: well im paying you my money, i have a right to no what the limit is, even though it states unlimited
    Tom: Yes, I understand that but I can't comment on the excessive usage policy limit.
  14. gie62001

    gie62001 Android Enthusiast

    i can easily summarise this whole thread :) last week i got message from o2 simplicity :
    you have gone over your data allowence on your mobile. you need to cut down or get bigger bolt on to keep using the internet
    hehe they made me laugh :)
    been on simplicity for almost a year now with samsung galaxy (android 1.5) and data was constantly on but as some of you know galaxy was not able to handle the data so it was constantly streeming something in background even with fresh factory reset. and never gone passed the limit, and nowadays havent used data almost at all on my desire as busy at uni and here you go got the text :) but i dont care as i know that i havent used any kind of data not even close to 500 mb.
    used ADB logcat to see what processes are using the data and how much and most of the time i keep it off
    so for anyone who is keeping it on message from o2 could become a norm :)
    however i dont think o2 is aware of me using it on android device, as i think if they knew it they wouldnt send any kind of messages like that

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