Is it safe to delete these files on my internal SD card?

I have a Galaxy S3, and 11.5 GB of storage are being occupied by these oddly named files. Some of them are things I added (Movies/Photos) and I don't know what the others are. I'm mainly looking at this folder called "Android" with a sub-folder called "Data". It has a few MB in it and I'd like to delete it, but I don't know if these things are necessary to run some apps on the system.

Also, how do I find "bloatware" on my phone?


root@android:/ #
Check the subfolders located there. If they reference apps you no longer have, you can get rid of them. Otherwise, I wouldn't. There likely won't be vital app data there but that location can be used for cache storage, backups for apps that have a backup feature, etc.

Bloatware will be located on your internal storage (not internal sd) so you will need root to access and modify.