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Is it safe to say the "Unofficial Update" is.....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by airdog, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. airdog

    airdog Member
    Thread Starter

    Is it safe to say that the people who chose to download and install the "Unofficial Froyo Update" (3.26.651.3) probably have the Final version that was "Officially" released (3.26.651.6) this week?

    The only reason I'm saying this is I downloaded and installed the "Unofficial release" over the weekend on my phone. Installed perfectly and is running great with no problems. I waited till the "Official release" came out and updated my wifes phone today. Again, it installed perfectly with no problems.

    After looking at the "Software Information" on both phones they are exactly the same (kernel version, release keys, etc.). The only difference I see is the last digit of the software number (in red).

    After playing around with both phones they seem to act and perform exactly the same with no noticable differences.

    Should anybody with the "Unofficial Update" even worry about updating again?

    Android version

    Baseband version

    Kernel version
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #58

    Build number
    3.26.651.3 CL218634 release-keys (my phone)
    3.26.651.6 CL218634 release-keys (wifes phone)

    Software number
    3.26.651.3 (my phone)
    3.26.651.6 (wifes phone)

    Browser version
    WebKit 3.1

    PRI Version

    PRL Version

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  2. heavychevy

    heavychevy Android Expert

    Agree, there have not been any differences in performance or complaints, if anything more various complaints with the official update.

    We will probably eventually have to update to .6 though to receive future updates but I don't want to.

    All the people crying "DO NOT INSTALL!!!" are pretty quiet now. A little common sense prevails every now and then.
  3. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Android Enthusiast

    If there is any difference it is probably minute. It doesn't take much to cause a minor version change like that.

    Either HTC will update the .3 people or update both the .3 and .6 people to an even newer version at the same time.
  4. Have you tried to manually update yours from .3 to .6?
  5. 3volut1on

    3volut1on Well-Known Member

    I would say for the most part that is probably true. I've got .3 with absolutely no problems whatsoever. The only way to truly tell would be to compare the unpacked zips file /file.
  6. formulabird

    formulabird Lurker

    Probably going to update both of us all at once and pretty soon too. Both versions .3 and .6 have the same problems. They wanted to push to be the first with Froyo and did it just to get it out there. Now that everyone is reported the bugs and problems we will probably all get an update rather soon to fix all this. After all if .3 was unofficial why did it come off of htc servers and listed on sprints website as being the final version.
  7. formulabird

    formulabird Lurker

    Support - Article

    and friday when I updated it had the date at 7/30/10 now it reads 8/3/10 with same .3 version
  8. Shawnz

    Shawnz Android Enthusiast

    I tried it, no dice. It's expecting v 1.47.

    Either HTC is going to have to help us out or the dev community may come up with a RUU we can apply without the version check.

    As Airdog said.. the .3 update is running just fine for now. I just want to be able to get updates going forward.

    on XDA they spelled out the exact differences between .3 and .6. the differences were VERY minor.
  9. airdog

    airdog Member
    Thread Starter

    I was thinking about it before before I did my wifes OTA "Officail Update".
    After comparing the phones and performance I really didn't see any difference from my "Unofficial Update".

    I'm probably not even going to try to manually update to .6 after reading some of the posts. It seems like most people aren't getting it to work. (starts, crashes, reboots). I'll just wait for HTC to release another update to get us all back in line with version numbers.
  10. I think it is safe to say that more people did the official update than the "unofficial" update, so to compare quantities is a bit misleading. I could just as easily say that there are more people with no issues with the OTA update.
  11. jgalan14

    jgalan14 Android Enthusiast

    i think the same way, not problems, i did my post on froyo yesterday here is the link...
    and my phone works just fine love flas, and i still don't understand why people say the froyo was over hyped, a lot people probably didn't even know what was going to come with it but i'm happy with the update
  12. heavychevy

    heavychevy Android Expert

    Exactly why I worded it more variety in the types of complaints. More people or not there were enough people testing unofficially to see all bugs. There seem to be more types of bugs. Not just more people with the same ones.

    But I will concede that more people on Android. means more combinations of apps to conflict with.
  13. strongsteve

    strongsteve Newbie

    The difference is one is .3 and the other is .6! .6 is higher.. isn't that enough of a reason!?? :)

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