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Is it valuable to have server on your phone?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gpman, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. gpman

    gpman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    There are hundred of application for the purpose of sharing files at android market.
    But the main problem they embrace is to upload files to other server. where is the problem?
    Your private files will be uploaded to a server that you don't know or you don't believe, and there is a possibility somebody could access to them.
    If the file is not so important and not valuable to be treated privately, this process hasn't got any problem.
    But imagine to share the file that must be secured and nor revealed to others. Anybody couldn't accept any possibility to be accessed.
    The best solution for this problem is to have web server on your phone.
    If you have web server running on your phone, you don't need to upload any files to unknown or unbelievable server. Only you check the files to be shared with selected members. That's all.
    The selected members will see the shared files by web browser using passcode.
    In this point, I think it is valuable to have web server running on my phone.
    Hope to know others' opinion.

    PS: The iFMW app for Android is to satisfy this users' need. It is based on mobile web server running on any android phone and valuable for those who care of privacy and want to control shared contents.
    Recommend to use it.

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  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    Great advertisement.

    What is battery life like when you run a server on your phone? Will it last longer than 3 hours?
  3. Smabbage

    Smabbage Well-Known Member

    Installed. Looks to store files in the cloud like dropbox. Appears that you need their client running on both ends to share files. If that is the case, not a webserver in the classic sense. Uninstalled. Will keep looking for true webserver over 3G. Thanks for playing.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    No kidding. People already gripe about battery life. What about when your phone doesn't have coverage (either briefly or for longer periods of time)?
  5. gpman

    gpman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It's sure that iFMW doesn't upload any files to a server. Please let me know why did you think iFMW stores files in the cloud.
    By the way, iFMW will be upgraded to support to build php based web site on the phone. it's same as a classic webserver.
  6. Smabbage

    Smabbage Well-Known Member

    Explain why you need a login, password and a email address when starting this server for the first time. A webserver shouldn't require these things. What I should be presented with is a requester for what files to share followed by a IP address where users can access said files via a web browser. Something similar to "Wifi File Explorer" only over 3G. The end user of my webserver may be required to use a user name and password but since I'm holding the phone I see no need for me to have one unless I'm connecting to a cloud based server or some peer to peer network.

    Sorry if my reply came off as harsh. All I'm looking for is some clarification of how this program works. If it's not cloud based as you indicate then is looks a lot like a peer to peer program, at least until the php based webserver is implemented.
  7. gpman

    gpman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So why is it necessary to be registered if there is no need to upload contents to external server?
    The iFMW is based on gateway service. Normally a smartphone can't be a server, but it is realized by gateway service.
    In other words, when a user register an userid, this userid will be used as identification in order to turn the smartphone into a server.
    It can be figured out as DNS service, but it is technically different from it.
    All the files remain on your smartphone and nothing is saved at gateway server.
    It could be some P2P or F2F network. But the difference is that the iFMW is based on web server, so it can be accessible from web browser.
    I'm afraid that my answer doesn't convince you. :)

    Thanks for your interest.
  8. Smabbage

    Smabbage Well-Known Member

    Making more sense now with the additional information. Thanks. :)
  9. juan81

    juan81 Lurker

    I have installed iFMW. It works well.
    Great thanks for your sharing.
  10. FletchF

    FletchF Newbie

    So the solution is that I should trust you and your app more than I trust Dropbox or Google Docs?
  11. gpman

    gpman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I don't mean you trust me. Only thing I wanted to say is that nothing is uploaded and saved at outer server. All datas remains on your phone and you can share it.


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